Looking Back 17 Years

I was cleaning out the basement today and came across an old VHS master of the first scene I ever shot. It was back in 1992 and Homegrown Video liked it well enough that they offered me a deal to do my own series, and Mike South’s Southern Belles was born.

The video industry was flourishing and my first release was nominated for an AVN Award, I was floored.  I didn’t win that year but for me a nomination was a win.

I wasn’t a porn insider, I wasn’t born into the biz,  nobody I even knew worked in porn save for a guy in Ohio named Dirty Bob and I only knew him cuz I offered him a ride once at the CES show in Vegas. Suddenly I was meeting everyone in the biz, and I was an “insider.

A move to Porn Valley seemed inevitable, but the more I visited L.A. the more I hated it and I determined that I would do best by sticking to my roots and shooting real amateurs. It was my niche and AVN called me a “maven” at it.

I ushered a lot of girls into this biz shooting first scenes for girls like Melissa Hill, Anna Malle,  Midori, Anastasia Blue and Sana Fey, among others. Midori thanked me when she won an AVN Award and so did Felicia Fox. More recently Kayden Kross thanked me when she won Best American Starlet at the Hot Video Awards.

But for each of those there have been numerous girls who did it for fun (and a little profit) that I owe much of my success to.

I went on to shoot layouts for Magazines, even shot some centerfolds, got my next door neighbor (Alexa Lauren) into Penthouse (Sep 1999), I won more than one of the coveted AVN Awards and became friends over time with a lot of people in the biz. There are some good people in the biz too. I always liked Ron Jeremy, we have had some fun times together. Joey Silvera and John Leslie, both super nice guys, ditto Paul Thomas.  Paul Fishbein and Christian Mann are both friends as well, I have deep respect for them.

Then there’s the guys like Tim Case, Felicia Fox, Harry Weiss, Porno Steve, Bob Verna, Steve Lane, Serenity, Tim Lake, Anna Malle (RIP),  Christy Lake, Morgan Hagen, Lisa Sparxxx, Karina, Zoe, Brandy Alexandre, Wankus, JimmyD, Dirty Bob, Robin Byrd, Henri Pachard (RIP), Tod Hunter, Dave Cummings, Melissa Hill, Midori, J.R., Peter Van Aarle (RIP), Mark Kernes, Stacy Valentine, Anastasia Blue (RIP), Bill Margold, Rodney Moore, Dr X and a whole bunch of others that I have hung around with and had  good times with. I have great stories about every one of them too. Who’da ever thought it? Certainly not me. I did notice there’s way too many RIPs in there.

A few of the things that stand out for me: Winning my first AVN Award, A feature Profile in “Oxford American Magazine – Southern Film makers issue”, working for an award winning mainstream director, working with a 2 time Emmy award winning mainstream director, Being on Bill Cunnigham’s radio show, Being on Neal Boortz’s radio show (more than once, Directing the Whack Pack Gangbang, Having a character based on me in a book that was a best seller (“A Kiss Gone Bad” by Jeff Abbott) and of course, starting this blog.

I was here when Jenna came into the biz and I was here when she said she would never spread her legs for it again.  I saw Rob Black come in and I saw him go out way later than he should have.  I saw the biz in it’s boom years and now I’m witnessing it shaking out.

It’s been a fun ride and It’s nearing the end. I mean I’m not going anyplace yet but next year will mark 18 years in the biz and 10 for this blog. I’m starting to think about  fishing more than porn….OK well I always thought about fishing more than porn, but the truth is I’m running out of things to write about.

Thank God for Julie Meadows! And the lovely Lindsey Lovehands!

And thank God for you guys…my loyal readers!

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Looking Back 17 Years

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12 Responses

  1. Good to see you taking me up on my offer. If you need any help putting what you find down there up on eBay, just let me know.

  2. Hell, Mike. I had to register, just to say goodbye. I’ve enjoyed your blog more than any other in porn, and it doesn’t seem like all those years, now, does it?

    Sorry to see you go, although you might find it’s tough to quit. blogging is a sort of addiction that gets into your veins, NOT a phony “disease” like “sex addiction” or “porn addiction.”

    Nonetheless, you might want to check yourself into rehab, ANYway. But, before you do, send out a press release: ought to get some coverage. You’d be the first man in history to rehab for “porn blogging addiction.”

    Bests in your new life with the fishes, Mike, genuinely. (Just don’t sleep with them. Luca Brasi tried it and it didn’t work out so well.)

  3. Mike…is this just a “I had a bad day and now I’m waxxing nostalgic” moment? If you are laying the groundwork, a’ la Oprah, for a “wind down” all I can say is you must be missing my blow jobs…picking up my stuff next weekend and I expect to see you there, just to see you, no heavy lifting for you….lol.

  4. When i wrote that Oprah hadnt even announced her retirement yet I post dated the post so it wouldnt step on the one I knew was coming from Julie.

    I didnt have a bad day Im just gettin old and tired LOL

    fucking Oprah Windbag upstaged me.

    I aint going anywhere yet.

  5. Julie…Just say the word baby and we will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

    Season will start back in May/June and yer trip is on me…its the least I can do.

    And I bet Hunter and Lady H will join us as well.

  6. JimmyD … how the fuck could I not include you dude, we have had some fun times and one of my porn highlights is taggin you with the “JimmyD” nick!

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