Learning To Stream

As I mentioned one of the things on the new server is a flash media streamer, I’m just figuring out the possibilities with it.  One is to include high quality video trailers and possibly ads here.

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This is an example of what I’m talking about, this is the cuts only rough cut of the soaring video, but unlike the others this one contains both footage from the cockpit and the ground.  What I want you to watch though is the quality of the stream.  I’d like feedback on how well it played for you.  I chose this video because it is an extreme example of streaming  because of the high rates of movement particularly on the cockpit shots.

Please leave me a comment and tell me how it played for you and what kind of connection you have.


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Learning To Stream

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7 Responses

  1. Very nice. Enjoyed watching it. Played fine with good audio.

    I bet you really did have a great time.

    Thanks for sharing with is.


  2. Thanks Den

    This whole streaming thing is part of a much larger project I’m integrating across all my sites. I’m working on something that if I get it done, will be yet another first for adult that I pioneered.

    if only I had Microsoft’s marketing….

  3. Flying and photos . . . a match made in heaven. Nice job, I liked the music as background.

  4. ya the pink floyd song had the best vibe to it for glider flight plus some of the lyrics were perfect, I considered a lot of songs…even flying high by Ozzy but learning to fly just kept jumping out as the right choice

  5. played fine on my comp and it’s powered with cable connection.

    didn’t play it all the way since i look at cessna’s and piper’s all day at work already. never tried gliding though. i’m sure it’s a rush at first but just like any fixed wing ride it gets boring after a while. now in my opinion rotor is where it’s at. you constantly have to be alert because you don’t really have a *trim tab* to help you out. i also think flying a helicopter is the closest feeling you’ll get to what you dream of as a kid. superman didn’t need no runway to take off….lol

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