Killing A Man

Late last night I stopped in a convenience store, got gas, entered the store and decided to go for a Mt Dew. There was another person, a girl standing there to make a selection, other than the clerk, a black guy, we were the only ones in the store.

As I made the turn from the cooler to go towards the check out there was a  commotion and a white guy in a hoodie burst through the door pointing a gun and ordered everyone to the floor. He came to the girl and took her purse, then to me and demanded my wallet, which I fished out of my left pocket and tossed a few feet from me, he cautiously picked it up and put it into the pruse and went to the clerk pointing the gun at him.

At this point I removed my concealed .38 special from my right side holster and took aim from my laying down position. I was surprisingly very calm, I took careful aim at his head and just as he turned to look at me I exhaled and squeezed the trigger.

The hollow point bullet entered just below his left eye and came out the top and back of his head, he almost certainly never registered what he saw when he turned his head to look at me.

He was somewhat lifted up and then dropped to the floor bouncing off the counter first, his weapon fell free and as I approached him I kicked it away, there was no need, he was dead. There was a lot of blood and it was splattered everywhere it seemed, along with brain matter.

Everything happened so fast.

It seemed that by the time I asked the clerk and the girl if they were Ok the cops were there.  The first one in asked who shot him, I replied that I did.  My hands were up and I slowly lifted my shirt to show him my gun that I had re-holstered.  He told me he was going to take it and to keep my hands up, I did and he did.  He put it in a baggie.

He was more relaxed now and he took me outside while the other cops were inside.  He asked me what happened and I told it to him pretty much the same as I have to you. More cops arrived during the questioning , including a Sargent and a Captain.

He asked me if I ever felt that my life was in danger. I told him that whenever someone pointed a gun at you, it’s a pretty good sign that your life is in danger. He asked if I thought he would have killed me after he robbed the store.  I told him I didn’t intend to wait and see.

At this point the Captain came out with my wallet and my ID and he said Mister Strother? I said yes.

He looked hard at me and said good shot.

He then handed me my license and my wallet and said we looked at the video tape, you are free to go. Then he  told the officer to give me my gun.

I woke up.

This dream was as real to me as it likely was to you as you read it. I couldn’t go back to sleep, I kept thinking, that was so real. I got up and made coffee and I thought to myself, what would I do different? I could think of nothing.

I hope it never comes to that.

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Killing A Man

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13 Responses

  1. One time, at band camp, this guy pulled a gun out of his tuba and started shouting all this crazy shit… it didn’t rhyme and had no melody or nothing! I slowly strung my cello’s bow to my instrument, like I was an archer and it was a bow and arrow. Taking careful aim, cuz, you know, I was pretty calm cuz we just played some Brahms, I, uhhh… Oh! Wait. Nevemind. That was a dream too.

  2. you guys are a riot im serious though it was so real that even after I woke up i thought it had happened.

    Thanks BT that’s high praise from you brudda.

  3. That’s the thing with dreams: they all seem real no matter how stupid they are. Although, that hair brush made my scalp feel FABOOOLUS!!

  4. BTW, I figured something was up when you said he handed your gun back. Dude, not without a full investigation that takes days if not weeks….

  5. A head shot “just below his left eye” from a laying position…? I’ve seen your marksmanship, WhatDaFuck… was he spooning with you and just giving you a quick look back to say Thanks?

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