Jayden James To Be A Multi-Millionaire If She Gets Married

I swear I don’t make this shit up…and let me be straight in that I HIGHLY doubt that Jayden James has ANYTHING to do with this…..Now read on.

I was contacted and asked if I knew anything about Jayden James, to which I answered not really.   Well it seems this guy is sold on the idea that Jayden has a very large inheritance coming her way, millions of dollars, but her conservative family insists that she has to get married to get the inheritance, and out of the blue she picked this guy, who if he marries her for show, will get half.

OK have y’all finished laughing yet……Thing is this poor sap is serious in his belief that this is legit….Something about a fool and his money comes to mind.

Again I have no doubt that Jayden knows nothing about this and is no way involved, but it is funny and yall feel free to crack on the dude…..He is convinced that I am wrong.

I hate to say this but some of y’all are just dumb as bait.

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Jayden James To Be A Multi-Millionaire If She Gets Married

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4 Responses

  1. So, let me see.

    A man is offered to marry a porn star, and in return, in the near future, he gets several million dollars and moves on with his life.

    Sounds like a dream scenario to me. Where do I sign up. I would rather marry a porn star than deal with a foreign prince who picked me at random

    I am sure the “bank and legal fees” I will have to front to their internationally based legal team (let’s just assume the inheritance is in foreign accounts and needs to be moved) will be minimal and well worth it in the end.

  2. Ha! Sounds like the plot of about 30% of the romance novels I read. Although for some weird reason in romance novels, it’s always the man’s family who is forcing him to marry to inherit. Probably because done from the female angle it sounds like her parents are pimping her out. BTW, if her family is ‘conservative’ I would think they make quitting porn the stipulation to inheriting, not marrying some schlub who will take half of her money for doing jackshit…#greatgigifyoucangetit

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