It Isn’t As interesting As You Would Think

I figured that running a titty bar would provide for a lot of interesting things to write about but in all honesty it isn’t as interesting as you’d think.  As you would expect from a bar we have our share of alcohol related issues in regard to customers but far and away most of the problems come from the dancers.  I guess that is to be expected, when you have 60  18-35 year old females you are going to have issues.  This is the best trial by fire ever when it comes to learning people skills.

It’s another chapter in my inevitable book I reckon.

Aside from Jesse Jane going back and forth between DP and Brazzers (She settled on DP as you know by now) porn just hasn’t been very interesting.  As for your AIM data….yes it’s still up, I gave up on that shit.  If you want the FSC you are going to get exactly what you deserve and if you don’t want them they will get exactly what they deserve.

And the bitch of it is….I haven’t gotten a single good stripper quote in over a month….maybe I’m losing my sense of humor….

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It Isn’t As interesting As You Would Think

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  1. “I guess that is to be expected, when you have 60 18-35 year old females you are going to have issues.”

    If that’s not an understatement, I don’t know what is!

  2. I agree, Dirty Bob. However, 60 dancers would make for a huge gentleman’s club. Either this is one of the largest clubs in the country or it was supposed to be six and the 60 was a typo — although 60 attractive women to fulfill your every need isn’t a bad thought! Whether the 60 was a typo or not, hopefully some arousing porn scenes came about from this.

    Mike, were you aware that Tara Akinloser was bragging that she made Georgia “too hot” for you about a month ago? Boy, she is delusional! Now it is time to make Riverside “too hot” for her to handle.

  3. Actually 60 dancers is a very average sized club for a medium sized market like Dayton. Clubs in Atlanta like Pink Pony will have two hundred or more on a given night sometimes and well over a thousand on the roster.

    As for Tara she is just a delusional fucking loser, doing anything she can to try to save face. She is currently in serious trouble as a result of her online harassment and filing false police reports.

  4. Wow, I can’t even imagine a club sized to handle 60 strippers, 200 in one night must be eye-boggling! In my area you are lucky to have five to choose from. Maybe ten in Grand Rapids before the city closed up their strip clubs (idiotic religious right).

    As for Akinloser, I hope she goes to prison for a while. She claimed to have called the cops on me for “harassment” but since I haven’t heard squat from them I figure either her IP tracking program gave the wrong city (the IP program I use for forum approval purposes gave Rochester, NY — the home base of my internet provider — and later a city in my state but 300 miles from my home as my location) or the cops knew what was up and laughed at her (or both). I think jail blues, a belly chain and handcuffs are appropriate for the Akinloser at this point (or maybe a straitjacket and a shot of Thorazine) as punishment for what she has helped cause. Too bad she is based outside of LA county, the look on her face when faced with conditions in the LA county jail would be priceless and perfect punishment!

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