Is She Really Going Out With Him?:

Thats what my buddy Tim Case started singing as Jesse and I entered the Party for “Beat the Devil”, the new flick from RobbyD. Heres a few photos compliments of and

Thats (L-R) Samantha Lewis, Yours Truly, Jesse Jane, A Civilian who shall remain nameless, and Felicia Fox

Me, My Beautiful Date and JimmyD

Me and Tim Case and My all Time Favorite pic of Felicia Fox aka Fifi

Me and Jacklyn Lick (She is becoming one of my better friends in porn valley) Me and Jesse…Wow!


Here’s Some Comments:

From JimmyD at The Party

“How da fuck did YOU get THIS gig?”

From Trixie Kelly :

“Way to go baby Jesse is the prettiest girl God ever created.”

From Cori Love:

“I hate you for not taking me”

From Jessie Capps at

“Just thought I’d fill you in, you lucky SOB…getting to hang with Jesse Jane was a blast I’m sure. “

Beat the Devil A Short Review:

This is a good little flick. It isn’t shot on film as others have reported, but it is shot with a package for the digital Video camera that gives it a film look. It’s kind of a evil vs evil piece that is cloaked heavily in mythology. Eric Jones (Eric Masterson) makes a deal with the Devil, played by Evan Stone. Jesse Jane plays the spoiler “Atropa Belladonna” if you know a bit o mythology you can probably put together the plot from here, otherwise I won’t spoil the story because there actually is one and its decent. Masterson handles his character with ease, Evan overacts and surprisingly Jesse shows some thespian abilities. The real standout here though is RobbyD himself, he crafted a good product from what appears to be a shoestring budget, a few more dollars spent on production values and a better Beelzebub and this could have hit cult status, regardless RobbyD may be the best director in porn today, he understands composition, plot points and the finer details of filmmaking that is is lost on on the so called “uber directors”.

If there is a weak point here it may be in the sex scenes themselves, the raincoaters aren’t going to like this flick, but then it isn’t made for them. The scene with Felicia Fox and Eric Masterson has NO hardcore, and the standard pull it out and beat it off formula is applied for the money shots in the other scenes. Personally, I think this would have been the perfect movie for internal and oral money shots as opposed to pull it out and yank on her belly.

Digital Playground appears to be trying to carve thier own niche here with product that bucks the trends in traditional porn and in RobbyD they have found a director who can make it happen. Beat the Devil is light years beyond the last Digital Playground movie I reviewed. (Rush) I look forward to RobbyDs next effort.

Most Heard Rumor:

Nacho Vidal is not being allowed back into this country, a blessing for Belladonna if ya ask me….but then ya didn’t.

Also Nakita Denise can’t leave, apparently her passport has been flagged because she has made too much money here. Dunno bout this one…it sound’s fishy…No Moose and Squirrel jokes though…..

Chante Back in the Biz:

Using the Name Tara Moon…she has a new boob job too.

Stormy Waters Now with Pat Myne:

Good move on her part, she is vastly better than her previous suitor.

Most Satisfying Moment of My Trip That did NOT Invove Jesse Jane:

Dion Giarusso of Red Light District coming to the table where I was having lunch with a friend and commenting, “What do I make of this?”

A Few Words about Jesse Jane:

When I got to town and was hanging out with Tim and Felicia we were talking about my pending engagement with Jesse, and Tim remembered when we all first met her. It was at Adult Expo in January, we all had dinner and the people at that dinner were the first porn people to actually meet Jesse in person. Tim recalled that he remembered her as pretty but not that much prettier than half a dozen other A List Porn chicks. Then, Tim said, “She opened her mouth”

With most porn girls that’s the moment when she suddenly drops from a 9.0 to a 6, or even lower. Not the case with Jesse, She went from a 9.5 to a 9.9, and Tim and Felicia agree, she is refreshingly modest, outgoing and charming. Everyone knows that fame changes people and only time will tell if it will change Jesse, but if I had to bet, I’d bet not. As she told me during our time together. “When I get out of porn I’m going to move back to Oklahoma or Texas, I like it there.”

Oh ya ..she LOVES to fish…I may have a chance yet!


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Is She Really Going Out With Him?:

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