I Play the Kazoo

OK I  admit it, it was a slow day yesterday and I felt the need for a little fun, so I pulled out my playbook and played the Kazoo (Rob Black) Now i considered using banjo but truth is I play a little banjo…enough to know I can’t play it so that didnt work, ditto piano but a Kazoo, like Rob is pretty easy to play.

The problem is as much as I would like to listen to him go from zero to insanity in about sixty seconds as a result of my post I just cant bear to hear his voice  its the equiv of fingernails running down a chalk board for me so i just have to sit back and wait to hear about it from wherever.

Now i do support Kulich for the simple reason that he wants to try to make the FSC batter, I have my doubts that he will be elected and i have further doubts that if he is he could implement even mild change but hell I admire the guy for trying, and the truth is every revolution starts someplace and maybe this one will start with him…who knows but at least he is trying, for that he gets my support.

In other news i did an interview last night with Salon.com  gonna be interested to see how that one comes out….



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I Play the Kazoo

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  1. Great analogy Mike. The entire industry is like a junior high school symphony, violins, obos, cellos, etc, but the person who wants to be the conductor plays the kazoo. unfortunately, in porn, the kazoo player probably has as much talent as the first chair violin.
    I took violin lessons for about ten years. Took alot of shit good natured shit from friends growing up until I was 19 or 20. At a backyard kegger/band party we played “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas. You’re damn right I got laid that night.

    Rob Black the kazoo player. Funny shit Mike!

  2. Black goes over the top with a lot of stuff. His past certainly doesn’t help him in terms of credibility. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about a number of things. Just saying.

  3. @Mike

    Aww shit..you done it now, Rob Black is really mad at you…lol
    Amazing…when we turn on a light switch..we get light.

    Since Rob is reading comments…(people talking about his show/posts about show.) People are posting here because they CAN’T post on his site.
    I’m a lot like Rob…I’m passionate about what I do. I talk…a lot! I know my shit and will own up to my mistakes along the way. I can put two and two together and know its only four…not six as many want me to be convinced. I’m an advocate.

    Knowing my shit is a pre-requisite to being an advocate.
    Advocate: (noun) a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. (Verb) publicly recommend or support.

    Advocates need thick skin…and a sense of humor. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what we are stumping, to be accurate in what we stand for, have our ducks in a row knowing anything we stand for will meet opposition, get so used to crossing lines as part of the deal that we forget…its a game!

    We are on the offense stumping for what we believe, they are on the defense…stadium full of fans wearing their shirts…cheering and jeering, turning to their pals to comment on the play…the referees calls…the official commentators seeing or not seeing what they saw…even the worst games have some good plays.

    Being on the offense doesn’t mean we all get to be quarterback or that we get the ball every play, or even having the ball we are going to make a great play…only that we are playing. The fans all comment Monday by Wednesday…they got a life and it ain’t the team.

    Liking the game doesn’t mean they will get on the field or even into the stadium for live action, some watch on tv…then talk about it..game on!

  4. He should definitely put a comments section on his site. Gene should have and didn’t. Black should, don’t know if he will.

  5. I don’t know how well known this is but Bobbi Starr is a concert trained oboeist. I know she can play her oboe for me any time and I will gladly give dicktation to her pussy after the concert.

    Seriously, Rob Black’s show is entertaining to say the least. Entertaining in a meth-head high as a kite sort of entertainment. The guy talks so fast I only catch about half of what he says. I think his show is on now, I might tune in to see what he is screaming about. His heart may be in the right place with some of his proposals but when he looks like and rants like a meth addict who just got some good stuff and has a reputation for bouncing checks all over Chatsworth people just don’t know whether to take him seriously. The fact that his favorite line of porn seems to be “Slap Happy” where the female talent gets her face pummeled with hands and fists (ala Facial Abuse) also makes me think Rob’s sudden act of contrition is all just an act for attention and the union he proposes would enrich him more than the talent joining up.

  6. You have to give Rob Black credit for, if nothing else, the fact that he knows what the fuck he’s talking about most of the time.

    BUT, you always have to be aware of the motivation behind what he’s talking about… is he pissed that the industry turned their backs on him? Is he promoting here? Is he being overly dramatic there? Is he looking for money by saying that? Is he trying to get someone to pay him off to shut him up?

    Honestly, these are just some of the questions I continually ask myself when listening or reading about him… and in the middle of all that, if you really pay attention and don’t just automatically write him off as crazy, there is some downright kick ass information in there.

  7. At least we are pecking Rob Black to death here. As long as he is doing an internet radio show for five hours a day he isn’t making us look bad with his movies and getting the whole industry prosecuted as the aftermath of him almost literally snuffing someone on video. However his speech today about how porn used to be run was very informative and he would not have reason to lie about mobsters, VCA and old time Vivid so I tend to think 90 per cent of that particular bit is true.

    Rob Black is also not talking so fast today, he must not have injected his daily dose of meth yet. I guess I usually tune in at night where he has had time to get amped up on pharmaceutical grade meth and starts talking a mile a second. Let’s just say it would be very interesting to see what he does after the evening show (being amped up on meth) with his two wives — Lizzy Borden and Katie Summers. I have a feeling Lizzy would be just as fucked up as he is and their lovemaking looks like an episode of his “Slap Happy” clip line. How Katie Summers fits in here I can’t really tell. She doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy being beaten half to death by a meth-crazed walking dick. I am kinky myself but usually in BDSM you focus on more than just beating someone’s face black and blue and the enjoyment of the scene is mutual. There is usually a rhyme and reason for whatever you are doing in real BDSM, Rob’s Slap Happy line and probably his personal brand of sexual activity with Lizzy and Katie just appears to be brutal for no reason other than to get his rocks off.

  8. LOL most of you guys i dearly love you make me laugh you make me think you even make me smile hours after a root canal
    But i still hold it to be an accurate analogy just because ALL the ducks dont peck ya….

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