I Have Been A Slacker

Ya I know, updates have been a might tardy of late but hey, whaddaya want? It ain’t like it costs anything.

Truth is I got a new toy on 8-9-10

Heres a candid shot.

Thats my old “scooterman” scooter behind it and of course the Georgia Limo in the background. My truck got that name when some years back at the Tampa Show a bunch of porn girls, including a couple of contract girls wanted to ride in the back of my truck for the 40 miles back to the hotel instead of in a Limo…God love em!

But I digress. I am in awe of the new Burgman, this thing is SCARY fast, it will hit 120 in less than ten seconds  and its still got lots more to go, way more than I’m comfortable trying.  I was looking for a bigger bike, the 150 was fun but doesn’t cut it on the open road, even though it easily runs in excess of 50 MPH. My buddy who who knows these things from an insiders standpoint told me to try a Burgman 650 before I bought anything else.  I’m glad he did, the more I read about it the more I appreciated the design that places the center of gravity way lower than any other bike.  It’s tempting to call it a scooter but it isn’t,  It’s a motorcycle with an automatic transmission.  It has real gears not the typical CVT type found on scooters.

My spinal surgery left me with dead nerves in my ankles, the ones that fire the muscles to lify my ankle up, so shifting and working the brakes on a Harley doesn’t work but the more I ride this Burgman the more I appreciate the automatic transmission, it is ALWAYS in the right gear and the response to the throttle is smooth, instantaneous and very very well tuned, it really compares to the very high performance German and Italian sports cars I have driven. So in conclusion, yes I’m happy with it, and now you know why I haven’t been writing.

But I DO have a great story coming….Stay tuned cuz it’s pure genius (not my genius Tim Case’s genius)

And for those who have been asking what happened to Julie Meadows, no I didn’t piss her off, or at least I don’t think I did.  She lost a friend who was very close to her and she needed to take a sabbatical.  She will be back when she gets back.

Speaking of I watched an old John Wayne movie last night called The Train Robbers.  It had a young Ann Margaret in it and I was struck by how much Julie resembles Ann Margaret as Ann looked in the early 70s.

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I Have Been A Slacker

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  1. Your newest ride looks like a ton of fun Mr. South.

    I hope that you enjoy the hell out of it and make/get the
    most out it. (…enjoy enjoy enjoy!!)

    Please remember to always ride/drive safely.

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