How I Saved (Helped anyway) Chris Christie’s ASS!

OK last week I was asked by Gawker to “date” (as in place at a point in time) a video. I had no idea what it was all about and I am sure that was by design. I watched the video and gave them my best analysis.

Turns out that someone was shopping the video as a Chris Christie sex tape.

It isn’t my story so If you want to read about it (Its a great story) go to:

Thanks To the folks at Gawker who always treat me right and credit me! that radar site should take note…they wont get any help from again, Gawker always will

93950cookie-checkHow I Saved (Helped anyway) Chris Christie’s ASS!

How I Saved (Helped anyway) Chris Christie’s ASS!

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  1. There was a time, years ago, the non-porn media routinely went to Luke Ford for his take on these sorts of things. Now they go to you. I don’t know if I’d be proud of that or not. Just saying.

  2. Hey JimmyD ya its a mixed blessing I reckon but by and large the media has been fair with me I think, but at the same time Im honest with them too and the reason they are coming to me is because they cant get anything of any substance from AVN or XBiz….of course nobody else can either…One thing that brings me satisfaction is that Margold is having kittens over it…

  3. C’mon now, Uncle Bill gives teddy bears to people with HIV, which by the way, is more than anyone else in the industry does. And those little kitties can live nice safe lives in that PAW house Bill has been dreaming about for a few decades now.

  4. Damn it sucks when ya think ya get Em and they get away 🙂

    As similar as their features are gotta wonder about the ear expert..cartilage notches at top interior and above the bump at jaw line.. totally different.

  5. Does he store the teddy bears with the twenty year old pics he’s still hawking for PAWS?

  6. Wasn’t Christies ass you saved…helped save Gawkers when they were smart enough to wonder why the other pubs didn’t run with it. Checking the films origins was smart but if they unleashed this can bet Christie would have had experts superimposing the ears ala old time cartilage comparison profiling. When Christie proved it obviously wasn’t him it would have helped him as proof of stooping to slander and malicious lies to discredit him. Then like any politician should..he’d whip it out anytime he screwed up to discredit his accusers 🙂

  7. Kinda cool that someone noticed the uncanny resemblance..Christie porn like character chips or toast patterns.

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