Going Back Under The Knife

God after my last go round nothing gets to me worse than the thought of surgery….I mean thats a fear.  At least this time it isn’t spinal surgery.  I have had a sinus infection for months and after three rounds of antibiotics, nasal sprays, steroids and everything else …It’s still hanging in there

So today the ENT notifys me that I have to have a CT scan in two weeks and they will decide how much they have to enlarge my nasal passages in the surgery, no real details other than that, maybe it’s outpatient, who knows but it still scares hell outta me.

Been a tough week, but at least traffic and memberships are way up…looks like I may need it.

26330cookie-checkGoing Back Under The Knife

Going Back Under The Knife

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  1. Thanks man I do appreciate it. I hope its just a simple outpatient thing I will post when I know more, probably after the CT scan. Oddly enough it helps me to write about stuff that bothers me….

  2. Damn, I knew all that fluoride in your water would come back to haunt you some day!

    Ok, seriously, good luck with this, and I hope you’ve looked at this from all angles, including allergies to the materials you’re sleeping on (feathers in your pillow?) and detergents you’re using and/or food sensitivities. When “infections” comes out of nowhere, it helps to look at new things you’ve introduced into your environment, and if anything you stop doing makes it ease up. And if all else fails, try a Neti pot before you have any surgery! Simple and cheap to use.

  3. I did the neti pot and a dozen other quack cures hell I was desperate. But fact is , it is an infection most like caused by a tooth extraction shortly before it showed up.

  4. The neti pot rules, and trying options other than surgery doesn’t make you “desperate,” it makes you OPEN MINDED;)

    I’m surprised the extraction caused the problem. Usually that sort of stuff is caused by root canals that aren’t done properly.

  5. Extractions are worse closer to the sinus cavity above the top jaw, and it is a chronic infection not an allergy. not only did i try the neti pot i tried grapefruit massive vitamin c doses and apple vinegar

  6. Sounds like the same thing my dad had years ago. It was outpatient and, while not fun, was nothing compared to what you’ve already been through. My thoughts will be with you for a speedy recovery.

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