Fly Like An Eagle

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to cross something off of my “Bucket List”.

Thanks to Hunter and Lady H I got to go up in a glider.

I got up at 7AM and drove the two hours to Sylacauga, Alabama.  It was a rainy day but we were optimistic that it would clear off. We chatted and compared Blackberry Apps and headed to lunch, after lunch we went to the airport and after a couple hours it cleared enough to go up.

The video below has the first part of the first flight, From my seat in the cockpit.  I have footage from the ground too but it isnt yet captured.

Give it a look and I will write my thoughts in the next post, along with more video.


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Fly Like An Eagle

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4 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Very cool flight, looks like a BLAST! Some cool turns in that flight. Can’t wait to hear more about it soon.

  2. If you let your imagination get carried away for a minute, it almost seems like you are gliding with Ted Turner. You gotta love Mike as he always seems to have something out of the ordinary going on.

  3. For the record, it was Mike and Lady H that were playing with their blackberries. Since I don’t own a blackberry, it’s more likely I was doing something manly.

    Seriously, we’re glad you enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed your company. Looking forward to more footage. You know you’re welcomed to visit anytime, bro.

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