Even More Photos From Thailand

A Wat near Pattaya….Wat is a Temple.  See the steps going to the top…yup I went up all 400 plus of them, and back down.

Thats the view from the top, it was almost dark

This is called a Pi House (pronounced pee) Pi means ghost. You will see these in front of most businesses and homes, some are small, some are large but they serve as a home for spirits that might otherwise occupy the home or business.  They Thai put food, drink and other things here so that the ghosts will have waterever they need.

Elephant Taxis in Auyuthaya

Buhhdas at a Wat in Auyuthaya

A shrimp farm near Phuket

A Waterfall at Erawan National Park near Kanchanaburi

A Wat at sunset  in Auyuthaya

I think this one was the record for most people in/on a vehicle  there are even three on the roof of the cab (not visible in this pic)

They don’t call Thailand “The land of smiles” for nothing, people are happy here and they love to laugh and talk and will do so at the slightest provocation.

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Even More Photos From Thailand

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