Congrats to Vicky Vette Miss Freeones 2012


It couldn’t have happened for a nicer person.   I had dinner with Vicky and her hubby Dave in Miami, also with us were Angelina Castro and Sarah Jay.  I have known Vicky and Sarah for many years and I enjoyed spending some time with them.  Vicky is a warm and sweet person and she deserves the success she is having with her websites. Angelina….well she is just a riot, her cleavage is only rivaled by her exuberance.

I like hanging out with the girls in the biz who are over 30, they tend to be more interesting and way more personable.  They don’t have big heads, they know that we fuck for a living, we aren’t changing the world just having fun they don’t think they are anything all that special and that’s what makes them special.

So to Vicky, Dave, Sarah and Angelina, thank’s y’all, it was fun hope to see you again soon.

And to Vicky…congrats doll, you deserve that one.


60910cookie-checkCongrats to Vicky Vette Miss Freeones 2012

Congrats to Vicky Vette Miss Freeones 2012

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