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I put the finishing touches on our eBook last night and have sent it back for the final edit.  As soon as it gets on amazon, barnes and noble and others I will  post links.

The price will be $2.99

Here’s the cover

60020cookie-checkComing To Your eBook Reader

Coming To Your eBook Reader

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4 Responses

  1. I’m curious at what is in there (title aside), what kind of stories or how in-depth you’ll go. There are a lot of producers out there that could make money off of their experiences (escorts too that cater to wild fetishes) but some of them don’t know how to write, lots have never thought of it, and many don’t know how to proceed.
    Sometimes you don’t always get the real dirty or crazy stories because a lot of people have to still think about their reputation but wow is there some crazy things that go on out there!

    I’ll be waiting for those links…

  2. The title would fit the cover better, Mike, if you used a stripper instead of a high school girl. What’s up with that?? The last girl you recruited (after saying you wouldn’t recruit anymore) looks like she’s about 15!

    Did you turn to the dark side as well, Mike?? Promoting Pedophilia these days!!

  3. Desi The girl in the photo is 24 years old, it is also a STOCK PHOTO that was suggested by the copy editor, we purchased the rights to it. (and yes we got ID and model release.)

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