Before I Proceed With The Adult Expo Stuff A Word To Taylor Whine::

I’d like to take this opportunity to invte Taylor Whine (Wane) and her husband Laurien to maybe try READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. I never said Taylor was “hooking”. It appears you two nitwits think that I did, go back and read slowly.

Now that that is out of the way, Taylor has in the past been an escort. she has advertised as such and she has been listed on both the escort boards and on the review boards. Note to Taylor, this biz isn’t like it was 30 years ago when you got in, you could escort then with relative anonymity, with the internet now providing up to the minute news and information if you are going to be a ho you can’t hide it. So if that is your choice be a proud ho.

I like how Laurien says he had nothing to do with Taylor becoming a Penthouse Pet back when it was still printed on papyrus, then explains exactly how he had everything to do with it, even tricking Guccione into the idea…..nuff said.

Adult Expo, The Prequel:

I came in the day before the show, Wednesday. Every year I am excited about going, but by the time it’s over I say I will never go again. As it turns out, I am excited again. I am met at the airport by my Canadian friends Mark, Jess, Beater and fellow Atlantan Jeff. Collective we make up Ra Multimedia, a kind of Canadian American joint venture in most things carnal. I get my rental car and we all bug over to the Sands Expo Center where Adult Expo is being held. As I walk towards the press room to pick up my badge I kind of feel the excitement starting to build. It’s almost like I know a lot of stuff is going to happen but I don’t know what. I always feel like that right before the show starts.

We get to the press room and the first people I see are, of course Adella and Brian Gross. We hug, I maybe even hug Adella too long….despite the fact the we sometimes don’t see eye to eye on say a movie, I love Adella to death. But love her or not she deserves huge kudos for her press room she runs a tight one. I have no problem getting my badges and everyone is nice and professional. You may be thinking big deal South, how hard is it to get a press badge. Well I’ll tell ya, up until Adell started running the press room I was ALWAYS hassled about getting press credentials. I always had to go over someones head…The last three years that hasn’t happened. Matter of fact when I come in I feel like a celebrity or something, people always smile, hug me and say hello and crack jokes and I’m not talking the DP people, I’m talking the fellow press.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, we checked in to Main street Station and got settled in my room, which adjoined Tim and Fifi’s (Felicia Fox) we opened the doors between the rooms and they never got shut. We all went to a nice dinner and then had dessert at the cafe in the Venetian.

Tits and Ass in Las Vegas 2005 Day One:


I get up and get ready and we all head to the press room to meet up with Mark, Jess, Jeff, Beater and Jayna. Jayna is Canadian and has decided she wants to do porn, naturally she hooks up with us and we head up to the main event, but not before Luke Ford corners me in a panic. Seems his camera (a Nikon D100 like mine) is broken and he is afraid he may have to take it and get it fixed. He asks me to look at it. I immediatly notice that he has it in “bulb” mode. after fixing it I thinnk ya know I should look at the rest of his settings, his exposures generally suck.

I adjusted a few settings and if you will notice the pictures on his page are now dramatically improved.

Yer welcome Luke

Luke Ford and Jayna

I walk the floor and see LOTS of friends. It’s good to see em too. This is really the only time I get to talk to some of these folks and some of them, many even I genuinely like.


I talk to Kernes, whom I am in constant battle with it seems, but we like each other. Another guy that tends to be polarizing to some degree is Mike Ramone but the guy has always been cool with me…very cool and because of that I like Mike. He gave me tickets to the AVN Awards and agreed to try to get me at the same table with Tim and Fifi when they showed up for theirs. I even exchange a smile and a nod with Tim Connelly.

One thing I have noticed about this show, it has gotten huge. My first CES was probably around 1988 or so and to see the changes since then…wow. as always everyone who is anyone is at the show, it’s just that now theres so many more everyones who are anyones. I even see Ric Savage whom most of you know I credit more than anyone for planting the seed in my head to do porn in Atlanta.

I dunno who she is but she is cute

I guess theres an ass for every seat

I know who she is….Destiny St Claire…what a doll baby!

To the day I die I will love Jesse to death…she is just so sweet!

Anyone who has been to the Tampa Show knows Beater…Soon the whole world is gonna know Beater!

I loved this one…everytime she got to the blank on the cue card, she fucked up (thats where she was suppossed to say her name)

After the show a BUNCH of us hooked up for the Buffet at the Belagio. It was me, Jayna, Harry Weiss, Pam Anderson and her hubby, Batman, Reagan Anthony, JimmyD, Robert Lombard, Tim and Fifi, John Finberg, My friends Tommy and Sorrenda, and about 10 others at least. Tip of the hat to Pam who got us all at the FRONT of a 3 hour line for the buffet…she rocks!

The funniest moment was when the hostess said I will put you all at 4 tables 6, 6, 6, and four and Harry Weiss said BULLSHIT you will, we paid the extra 18% to sit togther and we are, by God going to sit together (They charged us 18% tip in advance cuz there was more than 10 of us) You go Harry!

One thing…That is a bomb ass buffet!

After the buffet we hit the Pure Play Party at The Hard Rock…Wow!

Of all the parties and such that one was THE most impressive….Pure Play had the entire club and an open bar…even for call brands and the house was packed! I shudder to think of what that must have cost. the line to get in was around the block but Carly had taken good care of us and we walked straight in and Carly even invited us to sit at her table. hats off to Carly Milne on this one cuz I KNOW that was a huge undertaking.

We left the Party around 1 or 2 and retired for the night.



14220cookie-checkBefore I Proceed With The Adult Expo Stuff A Word To Taylor Whine::

Before I Proceed With The Adult Expo Stuff A Word To Taylor Whine::

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