Are You Rock and Roll? Do You get “Tangled Up In Blue”? Read This

I don’t normally write about things I watch on TV or Movies or music or whatever, but I have to make an exception for this one.

I found it quite by accident.  Its a show on Showtime called “Roadies” and it’s about life on the road with a fictional band, from episode 1 it jumped out at me. part “This is Spinal Tap” and part “Almost Famous” it is ALL original and it is obvious that the writers and show creator Cameron Crowe,  get it.

If you are like me, a rock and roll purist, if you get either the alt version of Dylans calssic “Tangled Up In Blue” or Lowell George’s eternal classic “Willin”, “Roadies” is going to strike a nostalgic chord in you.  It has moments that will give you chills in pretty much every episode.  Like porn, Rock and Roll has mostly sold out, “Roadies” is a trip back for those of us who never got disco, or it any of its bastard tekno cousins, for those of us to whom the words meant something.

I think Lester Bangs and Hunter S Thompson would approve….If You know who those guys were, Watch “Roadies”  You’ll Thank Me.

139020cookie-checkAre You Rock and Roll? Do You get “Tangled Up In Blue”? Read This

Are You Rock and Roll? Do You get “Tangled Up In Blue”? Read This

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  1. Only good thing about disco was Jordache skin tight jeans. Absolute favorite was a pair of teal green cords 🙂

  2. What was “great” about the disco era was people getting high on a white, powderous substance and coming into work/class three hours later. That made for some entertaining times (not). I hear NYC was “great” for that with Studio 54 and similar clubs from the disco era, evidently half the city was snorting something white and of a powderous nature nightly (and it wasn’t flour or sugar). You didn’t miss that by much during your modeling career, Lurk — the disco era really was rocking in 1976-1978 if I recall correctly (and a Google search confirms that). ABBA did put out a few good songs in that era, though — and a lot of crap. Thankfully it didn’t infiltrate the local bars in my area — we drank our way through that unfortunate era unhindered with the usual country and western music playing in the bars (if you were over 21 when MI’s drinking age took effect in 1978, before that we didn’t have a drinking age at all — if you could climb onto the bar stool and see over the bar you could legally drink before that time).

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