Almost At An End A Great Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

Over the years Thanksgiving has been a different day for me.  It started out as average as anyone’s I suppose we would go visit my mothers family in Tupelo Mississippi but as I grew up and my family split up or married off or even I found myself far from home and family It became an adventure.  This year I am in Puerto Rico with friends as you all know but in years past….One year I spent on the road with feature dancer Devon Michaels in South Florida.  I had Thanksgiving Dinner with my friends Donna and Aaron. Anoher year it was Thanksgiving dinner at Friendlys in Dayton OH with Julie Cooper…we were driving to Toronto for the week.  Still another year I was in a wheelchair with aa broken leg and went to dinner at the family of porn star Felicia Fox. Others were spent in a tree deer hunting, something I dont do anymore because I eat what I kill and I am not that fond of venison.  I have to admit that this year was special though, it is simply gorgeous here.  A few Pics.

128870cookie-checkAlmost At An End A Great Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

Almost At An End A Great Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

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  1. Beautiful pictures Mike! Makes me nostalgic for the sea, and the crystal clear waters, and white sands of the Gulf. Ahhhh. I’d trade my coat for a swimsuit any day! Enjoy the vacay!

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