A Weekend At The Beach

It was mid Febru-ugly and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I needed beach, preferably something low brow, not so low brow as Panama City (known in these parts as “The Redneck Riviera”) So I called my buddy’s wife and said hey let’s all go to the beach. In my old age I’m learning how to deal with married couples, go straight to the decision maker.

I sold her on the idea of warm weather, sand, salt water and a 50 dollar a night ocean front hotel room. She promptly told Hunter they were going. We headed out on Thursday the 17th, I rode the bike, they took a more traditional means of transportation.

The weather was low 70s to mid 80s, couldn’t have been nicer.

We had a blast and Missy took lots of pictures. Some of which I’m sharing with y’all in this post. The big attraction for that weekend was the annual Mexico Beach Gumbo Festival, it brings out all the locals and fishermen who are anxious for the water to warm and the fish to start biting.

After sampling the various gumbos me and Hunter had jelly for desert, jellyfish that is.

Then we hung out in the sun and talked about real man shit, like guns and gators and monkeys.

One thing I like about Mexico Beach is that there’s no pornchicks or strippers (unless I bring one) and lots of birds.

Can you tell from this photo where I wanna be? Well the answer is so far out there that I couldn’t see anything but clear blue water in all directions, preferably with a fish on the end of a hook.

And finally it was time to head back home.

There that’s for all the people lately that say I don’t have anything good to say, this is a whole post of good, with pics.

We had a ball seriously, I love Hunter and wife.

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A Weekend At The Beach

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  1. As always, we had a blast. I’ve learned to savor the time I can spend with people I love, whether good friends or family. It’s even better when there’s no agenda, no schedules, and no expectations except to relax and enjoy life. I’m convinced that if more people learned to do this, there would be far fewer therapists in the world.

    Thanks for the invite, Mike. And yeah, thanks for going “over my head” to the boss. Next time she says “Mike just called, and…”, I’ll start loading the vehicle, no questions asked.

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