A New Knee is In My Future

No I’m not asking for money for it LOL.

I didn’t update yesterday because I spent most of the day at the orthopedic surgeons office….mostly waiting on him to see me even though I had an appointment.

I got new X-Rays and for the first time what is causing my pain showed up.  It goes all the way back to the broken tibia in October of 2011.  The break healed just fine but I have pain every single day, most days I just suck it up, it’s annoying but bearable.  About 3 or 4 days out of every two weeks it hurts more and I take Naproxin (Aleve) and that dulls it enough to get through the day.  About one day every two weeks, usually after a long day fishing, riding my bike or a long day shooting or something and it hurts to the point I can’t walk…that when I take the Hydrocodone.  God bless modern chemistry let me tell ya.

I always figured it was Osteo Arthritis caused by the impact but the separation in the knee is good and there seems to be no permanent damage to the soft tissue.  Today what showed up was bone degeneration at the point of impact…. so yes it’s a form of arthritis and yes it was caused by the break.

Next is an MRI and eventually a knee replacement  I want to hold that off as long as possible though because if I do it now theres a really good chance it will wear out and have to be replaced a second time…at an age where that wouldn’t be good.

So anyway, thats my life at the moment…don’t get me wrong I’m not bitching or anything, it is what it is and we all have shit we have to deal with and this is just mine…it won’t change me from enjoying offshore fishing no matter how bad it hurts, nor will it get me down…I have a great life, great friends and I appreciate all the people that give me a few minutes of their life every day to read what I have to say….


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A New Knee is In My Future

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  1. Years ago it wasn’t a Mike South shoot unless he was wearing that hat. Now, it looks like his official Mike South attire will be kneepads…

  2. I wish you well, Mike. My cousin in law had his knees replaced, it was a long road back to normal for him. Three months later he was still taking morphine for the pain but he could walk better than before even with the pain. The pain eventually subsided but with physical therapy appointments and his docs policy of only doing one knee at a time (both of his knees had to be replaced) he was off work for almost a year.

    I take morphine now myself for my back injury. It works pretty well with minimal side effects. I would recommend it to anyone who deals with the amount of pain that makes it necessary. Also, it is cheap — even in the ER form that allows you to take one pill every eight hours instead of every three (last month my insurance company paid about $35 for 84 pills — a 28 day supply).

  3. Mike, that new knee will come in handy while you continue to kick ass on people like Dianne Dick and Mark Kernes.

  4. Well that’s good your feeling better Mike.
    Now can we have some more news on this Stagliano incident and the shoots going on in Ventura County and one of the board of supervisors is trying to start a condom law in Ventura County.

    Come on with it , My Brotha!

  5. I’m really concerned this means you’re not going to be able to get it on with Tanning Mom for Steve Hirsch!!! BTW, I read she’s making a movie about her rise to*cough*fame. Wonder when that happened?
    Take care…..

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