A Half Dressed Twenty Four Year Old Ex Con

Many of you who are long time readers will remember the story  about a young ladyfriend who sent me a handmade card from a state prison. If you don’t, then give it a quick read, it provides the background info for what is coming.

It was Wednesday and I was driving down to Miami for the Exxxotica Miami Show. I had decided to leave the truck at home and rented a convertible, my girlfriend was going to go with me, she was visiting from Kansas. I had a specific time I wanted to leave by because I wanted to see some old friends in Cocoa Beach and I didn’t think asking her to be up and ready at noon was asking too much.

Apparently it was, She countered my irritation with the old “Well maybe I should go back to Kansas” bullshit. I was being tested. I passed, I put her stuff in her car and she is back in Kansas, pretty much fouled a lot of my plans for the weekend but I’m way too old for petty stripper games.

So I get to Cocoa Beach and have dinner with some old friends then check into a hotel for the night and check my email.

There it was, an email from the girl in the above mentioned story, she got out sooner than I expected, she lives in Miami, the weird thing was I had been thinking about her earlier that day, wondering how she was. She has been out for two weeks. I called her and made arragnements to see her, she had no idea I was actually headed to Miami.

I had no idea what to expect, I know prison affects different people in different ways.

I made my way to her aunts house where she is living and when I saw her for the first time in three years I was thunderstruck. She had put on weight since the last time I saw her, much needed weight and it was mostly muscle, she looked stunning, her posture was that of someone with confidence.

I had no idea what to expect.

We hugged and started catching up, I told her about Wanker Wang (she knew him), I told her about my surgery and a zillion other things. She didn’t tell me much and I didn’t ask. She did tell me she is clean and plans to stay that way.

She came to the hotel and we sat up talking untill 2AM. She kissed me.

The rest of the night just kind of fell into place.

I woke up the next morning and looked at her beside me, still asleep, in black bra and panties, beautiful. I thought about the girl I met way back when. She is tougher now, on the outside but inside she is the same sweet and intelligent person that she was when I met her, she hides it a little better from most people.

She woke up and smiled at me, I remarked that this was very Rock and Roll, kind of Charles Bukowski-ish, here I am fifty years old waking up next a half dressed twenty four year old ex con. She said she loves me, I said I love her too.

Funny how life seems to love hitting you with the completely unexpected.

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A Half Dressed Twenty Four Year Old Ex Con

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  1. “…I’m way too old for petty stripper games.”

    Here’s a hint for an epiphany you could choose to experience should you so desire to do so: Quit dating strippers.

  2. That’s a tremendous story Mike. It’s amazing what a little bit of kindness and respect can do in adding value to a persons life.

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