A few Thailand Pics I Never Posted

God I miss that place!

On The Bridge Over The River Kwai


It seems safe but really it isn’t


They are like house cats in their behavior, they purr they stretch and if you move your hand around on the table in front of him he focuses on your hand and will try to cover it with his paw.  but like house cats they can and do get irritated, if that happens you get the hell away, without turning your back to him.  You never make direct eye contact.

I had a friend years ago named Frangi who was a big cat trainer for Ringling Barnum and Baily, used to ask him about them and he would say that if you pay attention they tell you what they are feeling, he said some days they dont feel like doing a show and you have to respect that and let them take the day off.  He said even raised from cubs they are still wild animals and have the predator instinct which includes VERY rough play.

31570cookie-checkA few Thailand Pics I Never Posted

A few Thailand Pics I Never Posted

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  1. Great pictures! Tigers are, also, the only cats that don’t mind being in water, swimming in it, etc… This year is The Year of the Tiger. It’s projected to be very interesting. God, I sound like a PBS special.

  2. HEY mike care to guess where I am at now THAILAND… they ladyboy you met says Hi and you need to get checked LMAO…. this place misses you too… Jackie says hi and thanks for telling me she wants which eye LMAO…

    need to plan a trip together all of us SOIDOGS together

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