A BIG Thank You

To everyone who called, tweeted, facebook messaged, texted or whatever and wished me a happy birthday yesterday. It really does mean a lot to me, and it reminded me that for every detractor I have a hundred or more people who like me or appreciate me or both. Thanks guys, you are all the best of the best and you made my day a happy one.

Some of the people who say nice things really do humble me, real porn (and some mainstream) legends who were Directors, Performers, Producers, Photographers so many hugely talented people who read this blog and allow me into their lives, as do all of you, and that is something I do not take for granted, Thank you all…You are the best!

89840cookie-checkA BIG Thank You

A BIG Thank You

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  1. First of all. Who the hell appreciates you :P. Second of all thank you@sarajayxxx for all those lonely nights and the callous on my hand :D. You were cool as hell to me in Tampa at night moves. Third of all. I appreciate Mike for who he is. Inside and out one cool old ass muthafucka. See you in 5 days

  2. Happy Birthday, Mike, just had mine the 20th, turned 29. One more year in my glorious 30’s.

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