State of the Tibia Plateau Fracture Post


The responses I am getting to my broken leg is so interesting.  Most of you think i have these strippers waiting on me hand and foot…that isn’t true at all, aside from a very few friends nobody has even come to visit, much less wait on me.

Life in this situation is more about monotony than anything else, it’s basically the same thing day in and day out…same walls because I cant get out, I watch TV, surf the net, text msg people and try to keep the club running in my absence.  Mostly it’s just boring.   I spend all but a few hrs a day in a hospital bed installed in my downstairs….the other hours are in a wheelchair in this small apt, making something to eat, doing dishes, emptying my pee bottle…etc.

The general silence is deafening.  the pain pills (oxycodone+tylenol) make it more bearable but I won’t take them unless the pain really flares up, I don’t need an addiction to boot.

People’s reactions are interesting too…lot’s of them swore they would be here to hellp me with anything I needed and I believe they meant it, at the time.  But then they realize that it is an inconvenience and they aren’t heard from again. Others drop by once a week for a bit to pretend to care. But the few that count I know I can call anytime and they will be here…Lots of thanks to them….

I have to inject myself in the stomach everyday with a drug called Fragmin, it prevents the broken leg from throwing a deadly clot.  It’s weird to stick a one inch needle directly into my stomach till it stops and give myself a shot….I always feared bats as a kid because of the rabies shots….a series of shots in the stomach…now I guess I’m kinda facing that fear.

As familiar as i am with Dayton and as many people as I know here, it isn’t home. it isn’t where my family is and my surroundings are mostly unfamiliar.

I’m not bitching or anything mind you just jotting down things I am observing about myself.  just like with the Bells Palsy maybe it will help someone else and if it does then hey something good came of it.

Meanwhile I’m unsure how the coming months are going to go, I’m bored already and its only been a week.

I wasn’t even going to write this but I was goaded into it…a friend said i needed to do it, she said while nobody is likely to mistake me for William Faulkner that I have a way of reaching people that is honest, specially when writing about events that effect me.  She said bits of my experiences stick with her to this day when she faces troubles.  so here it is, my state of the tibia plateau fracture post.

Hope it helps!

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State of the Tibia Plateau Fracture Post

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6 Responses

  1. I feel bad that you broke your leg. However, I would look at the bright side — you aren’t still in the hospital. I hope the leg heals soon and without further incident. I have never been stuck in a wheelchair so obviously I don’t know how that feels but can imagine it is horrifying to feel that helpless.

    I can also assure you that the likelihood of addiction for taking your pain pills as directed is minimal according to several studies I have read. It seems that for pain patients the pain condition itself keeps you from getting high and addicted (like maybe the pain being relieved prevents the high from forming). I personally have been on Schedule II pain meds (first methadone and now morphine) for many years now legitimately and haven’t had a problem so far with addiction or running out early. My biggest concern actually would be the Tylenol, if you are on a form of Percocet with more than 325mg of Tylenol per pill and taking more than four to six a day (with the 5/325 or 10/325 pills you can actually safely take up to eight a day long-term and twelve a day short-term whereas the 5/500 and 10/500 limits you to five per day long-term and eight a day short-term), Tylenol can fuck up a kidney or a liver with long-term usage in some people. There is a form of oxycodone without Tylenol in it, both immediate release (cheap but you still need to take it six to eight times a day) and extended release (very expensive but only needs to be taken two or three times a day). Morphine is also an option and even the generic ER form is cheap, a 28 day supply at three a day costs my insurance company about $35. Methadone is also cheap but very difficult for a doctor to dose appropriately and more likely to cause problems for those that do not have a high tolerance to opiate medications.

    Get well soon, fire the idiot girl that caused this and make more porn once well. Also, keep the wheelchair around — you never know when it will come in handy as a prop in a scene.

  2. Sorry hear end up Er been there I know how bad sucks being there bad food ugley hosptal staff limted tv shows that suck. Here hope get out stay there soon wish well Mike South.

  3. Okay, Mike, I have three offers for you …

    One, I’ve already made over the phone.

    Two, I can send Lady H up to Dayton to keep you company for a while. You two can play on your crackberries till the proverbial cows come home.

    Three, I can get a bottle of Crown about 3 nights a week, and call you at midnight (my personal favorite).

    Your choice. GET WELL SOON, Brother … You know we’ll do anything we can to help.

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