Mexico Beach My Second Home

As most of you who have read me here know my second home is Mexico Beach, Florida.  I’m in Atlanta having cancelled my trip down last week because of the hurricane.  I found satelitte images and the house is still standing but Im told is has heavy damage but many of my friends and neighbors fared much worse.  If you want to see for yourself you can use this link like google maps

A bit about Mexico Beach, its a small town of around 1000 people, there is no McDonalds or Burger King or any chain restaurant, same for hotels and such, its almost like going back in time.  The tallest building was the El Governor Hotel which was 4 stories, its still standing but likely un-salvageable.

It’s a white sand beach with clear, warm water and an avid fishing and diving community. It is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone, businesses are all mom and pop owned and operated and we have been careful to curtail gentrification and the increased taxes that brings, as a result the people who live there have been living there all their lives. They welcomed me to the community with open arms and I count many people there among my dearest friends.

It breaks my heart to see what has happened as a result of hurricane Michael, nobody and I mean nobody has gone untouched by the devastation. There is no water, power, sewer, gas, cell service or public services and there wont be for a while, in some cases a LONG while.  The good news, if there is any, is that so far nobody has been found dead there, though that certainly may change.  I have heard from all my friends, most evacuated, the ones that didn’t called from a sat phone kindly provided by CNN.

I have had several people asking me if I was there and am I safe etc..this should answer that.  I know many people are donating and that is a good thing but I would encourage you to seek out local approved charities as opposed to the Red Cross and the like, the reason being local charities have no overhead and give 100 of every dollar donated directly to relief whereas the big charities only give around 50%, they pay salaries and stuff so I would encourage giving where all your money is used for relief.

All that said say a prayer for these folks, they are good people and their lives have been forever changed

Update local citizens have set up this page for donations it includes a wish list and lists of things they need If you wish to donate this is a good place to do it[0]=68.ARAWkj5To7AKGBhAORyMsgimvM9GWhRBSVeBnhuub-iTw1fwQ-w8-6ZThKP3ihOiIsq_BXKQP7HJgu4M0n3OcSH3FAoDcYrHoGOi7_zqxLPjWI9jNwV6xR_LCtuSFkH6wRd_cgGan3x0V0TGde6PUl9tBLy_lN6OSX9Z6nSyG9Wxl-snGZ4X&__tn__=-UK-R

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Mexico Beach My Second Home

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