Meeting Brett Rossi

Brett takes a selfie of us and gave me permission to run it on
Brett takes a selfie of us and gave me permission to run it on

It was around four years ago, it was a normal day and I was editing video for my southernbukkake site, when I got a call that ended up changing my life.  I remember it well because I was not expecting it.

I had been shining a light on one of the industry cockroaches, Scott Justice.  The phone call was from his girlfriend at the time, Brett Rossi.  She was reprimanding me because she felt that I was being unfair to Scott.  She wasn’t being bitchy about it or swearing or anything, she was very diplomatic.  In the end I didn’t change her mind and she didn’t change mine but I told her that I had a deep admiration for her standing by her man.  It showed a level of character that I certainly wasn’t used to and I had to kind of see it in a David and Goliath light.  To her I imagined myself as kind of a large and imposing figure.  Brett was a girl girl only performer way more recognized for her glamor layouts than for what we call porn.  I had been named one of porns most powerful people…a characterization that I always felt arguable, but I digress.

It wasn’t long before Brett called me again, basically to say I had been more right than wrong and I told her that she had made such an impression on me by standing up for her man and right or wrong I deeply respected that.

Brett and I became friends, then very very good friends, I was there pre-Charlie and of course post Charlie, sometimes we spoke for hours, every night. I felt like I was holding my friends hand from 2500 miles away happiness or sadness and sometimes just to hear a reassuring voice.

Maybe it’s genetic but as I have gotten older I have embraced the role of father figure to many of the young girls that I have befriended and it has been rewarding for me, knowing that I can pass along my life experiences and wisdom and hoping it helps them.

I remember her calling once and telling me that Charlie Sheen had asked her out, she wanted to know if I thought she should go…My response…yes you should but don’t fall in love with him…..We talked about that last night.

Day before yesterday I got a message that Brett was feature dancing at the Pink Pony here in Atlanta.  I told Brett that I would love to meet her when she had the time,  you see through all of this Brett and I had never met in person until last night.  Brett texted me to come to the club, she would have someone get me in, she was excited to meet me after all these years.

I have to admit I was scared, we had become such intimate friends over the years it was kind of intimidating, but I sucked it up and hopped on the bike and rode the 30 minutes to The Pink Pony at midnight.

We met with a warm hug.

In a situation like this the expectations are always the thing, what is she like in person, will meeting in person change how she feels about me? You all have been there I suppose so I don’t need to further explain it.

The thing that immediately struck me was that she is the same warm, loving and kind person, in person.  It was no different than interacting over the phone on that level.  The other thing that struck me was Just Wow, THIS girl is so devastatingly pretty, it is damn near impossible to find a flaw.  I also noticed that in person she could be the twin sister of the girl that plays Maddie in “Nashville” the TV series not the movie…

Brett and I talked and reminisced about the four plus years we have known each other, we laughed and I was happy to find her in a good place in her life despite the current challenges she faces.

She is a wonderful friend to me and I am very lucky to have people like Brett in my life, and there are so many others as well, many of whom will read this post within minutes of it being posted. I am thankful for you all and for the person who inspired me to relate this part of my life with you, Brett Rossi.  You are the best baby…much love to you!  Thank you!

I know I promised a post on escorting in Dubai and that is coming but it is Friday and I am in a happy place and wanted to share that with you guys!

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Meeting Brett Rossi

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6 Responses

  1. You should have advised her to get the fuck away from Charlie. Of course hooking up with him was never going to end well.

  2. Great story Mike. Nice to see a good story on here when you can!

    Karmafan, I am not sure it was bad advice…. the advice was to not get emotionally attached to him (which ended up being the problem for most of his ladies). Party with him, empty his wallet for the day, not such bad advice for the time.. IN HINDSIGHT, yes run….. however, at the time he brought Brett into his life the levels of his depravity were not yet known…… you couldn’t expect anyone to know she would have barebacked him and he had HIV.

    She has come out of it in one piece with lots of stories to tell and seems to have got her career back going again.

    And I may get torched for this; however, I do not feel Charlie was malicious in trying to hurt people like he did… he is just a really fucked up guy. it does not excuse his horrible and criminal behavior of hiding HIV from partners, it does make me feel that people should not be blamed for falling for him before this info came out.

  3. Great, happy story for the weekend. I know how important it is both to give good advice, and to be willing to help.

  4. Thanks man…Its pretty rewarding for me since I never had kids or anything, plus despite people who think that because I disagree I must be working for AHF or whatever I love this biz and have since the day I started in it, and one reason I hang in here is that there are so many people, guys and girls that are supportive and would love to see us return to the kind of family we once were.

  5. The biggest supporters of any biz are usually among the harshest critics because they want better for the biz. You criticize when you have to because you do love the biz and it shows. You also support and assist the talent.

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