Where In The World Is Michael Thomas Strothers

Ok, kids, it’s time to play “Where In The World is he ?” Along with a round of “And What’s He Doing There, Damn It?”

He’s given us a few clues.

He’s somewhere he’s never been before. Prison? 

He’s doing something he’s never done before. Hard labor?

And he likes it. Ok, that eliminates one of my choices. Hey, he might like prison for all I know.

So tell us, where in the world is he?!

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Where In The World Is Michael Thomas Strothers

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4 Responses

  1. Well, I was thinking maybe those “shows” in Tijuana. But then, he’s already said he wasn’t in Mexico.

    But, Goddess, I have inside information that Lady H is on the job. Seems she has operatives all over the place sending her intel. She’ll be posting her response in a bit.

  2. Dude, if you’re in Brazil, I’m gonna barf. Although I bet that WOULD change your life…lol!

    Ok, Hunter, I’ll be waiting to see what she digs up;)

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