To The Readers That Emailed Me and I Dont Like Seeing My Friends Putting Their Health In Danger

The post yesterday about HIV testing in porn got me a LOT of private responses, many from people I never expected would write to me except maybe using a pseudonym.   One was the owner of a very large, very prosperous company who Thanked me for “stepping up and being honest” and noting that I am running the stories that AVN and XBiz and even Hustler should be running, that is if they had anyone with any talent and foresight working there.

It always pleases me to work hard on a story like that, write it and get it out even though I know that it is mostly going to fall on deaf ears, there are a lot of ignorant and just plain dumb performers in the biz but they are eclipsed by the apathetic ones so even just a couple of attaboys from unexpected people makes me happy…Thank you!

I love this biz, as I have stated many times, and I love the people in it, we are all misfits, square pegs that society tries to force into a round hole.  It troubles me most when people see that and use it to take advantage of us, like the FSC does, Like APAC does. But in a way we do bring it on ourselves by not taking these people to task for it.  I try to do my part but admittedly I am 2500 miles away from the epicenter of porn,  My opinions and my expressing them dont have the same effect that they would if I lived in Woodland Hills, CA. though I doubt that I would tone down my beliefs even if I did live there.

One reader, a long time industry vet pointed out that until someone very high profile in porn got HIV that nothing would change.  It would take an A List performer or two….a Jessica Drake or a Jame Deen and even then it wouldn’t be a change that would have any real effect.  This person further pointed out that if I could obtain information on how many times James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, and a few other top performers had been diagnosed with and treated for Chlamydia and Gonnorrhea in the past three years THAT would get a LOT of attention, but of course that can’t happen unless they volunteer the info themselves and even if they did theres no way to fact check it, you simply have to take their word for it…

I don’t like seeing my friends putting their health in danger because they wont get work if they ask for a condom, thats a very fucked up problem that if we cared about performers even a little we simply wouldnt have [that problem]

On a final note I have made a move to make the forums here a bit less combative.   I dont mind a civil disagreement, thats a good thing but threats and things like that are counter productive so two of the most problematic have been removed from posting.  I had a confab with a very well known director for one of the largest companies in porn and he told me the one time he posted here he got berated and harassed and when I looked back at it he was right, in the end I would like this to be a place where you dont have to have skin as thick as mine is to feel comfy posting here.  I am very lucky to have insiders like insider, jilted, Sabrina Deep, Sabrina Maree and many others posting here as well as smart and intelligent people  who aren’t in porn and I am not going to let one or two obnoxious people make them feel uncomfortable.

Thank you all again, and if you are in the industry and choose to post here I am going to make it a point to see that people who respond to you do so civilly you have every right to your opinion.  people can disagree and that is encouraged but it can be done without name calling and shouting and screaming……

Thanks Y’all



118210cookie-checkTo The Readers That Emailed Me and I Dont Like Seeing My Friends Putting Their Health In Danger

To The Readers That Emailed Me and I Dont Like Seeing My Friends Putting Their Health In Danger

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8 Responses

  1. You know what i think about banning, Mike. But lately especially one person was really going crazy and nonsense lol
    Anyway, two days ago, i and a fellow performer created quite a bit of turmoil among APAC board members; i won’t go into details, for now, but ultimately there was some acknowledgement by them about lack of transparency and clarity. I’m been very active, underground, to successfully bring a few out of the choir voices together, lately, and within a few weeks you should expect to hear some news about it. In the meantime i’ll make sure that some of those performers who are finally willing to surface from anonymity will gently come over here to start sharing their thoughts and experiences. But i can assure you that something is slowly moving and that soon there will be a legitimate, public attempt to give voice and protection to those who, like us, are fed up with this porn valley politics bs.

  2. I also find it troubling that some directors will not allow a performer to wear a condom (even though I do not support mandatory condom usage). Condoms really do not affect how a scene looks to the viewer in most cases (other than the cumshot at the end), my concern is the performer and how a condom affects their ability to fuck and personal choice.

    As for ejecting a couple of combative posters, I feel badly that it has come to that but unfortunately it has. You have to do what you feel is best for the blog, in the end it is your soapbox and it is your right to do so.

  3. As always, Mike, you go where others do not. Glad to know that you’ve taken steps to control some of the forum. I have thick skin. I’ve had folks here and other places tell me I had my head up my butt, but I’ve never felt attacked. But, some of the endless feuds got tiresome. It’s a fine line between giving everyone their say and controlling the boards. I think you do a good job of it.

  4. I’m sure I know at least one of the people you are talking about, and good riddance! There is a fine line between differing opinions and outright disrespect, aimed to cause heartache/drama.
    But with that said I hope those individuals get the help they need, so they do what we should be doing… lifting each other up!

  5. I appreciate that there is a place on the web that is moderated enough to eke some discourse out of its patrons. Oversight is taxing, but a little goes a LONG way in reminding all of us that someone out there is watching and cares. If you ever want some help from civilian moderators, I’ll be first in line.

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