The FSC Amazon Wish List

My Reader PWLGhost set this up


I am laughing my ass off, he says all purchases are set up to be shipped directly to the FSC offices….I’m crying laughing.

51290cookie-checkThe FSC Amazon Wish List

The FSC Amazon Wish List

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  1. I read the wishlist. Funny as hell! All you need to add is a brain and Sharon Mitchell’s Ph.D. repellent (she is great with talent and a likable person but not so great at PR, running a non-profit properly and not representing herself as an MD). The latter is especially important since they are now establishing a HIV testing organization.

    On the subject of HIV testing, the FSC should hire Mike South as their equal to Sharon Mitchell at the former AIM (hey, he has the same or better credentials as far as medicine is concerned). No Ph.D. in sexuality from a Cracker Jack box (he actually worked for his degrees), but he seems to know a lot about the subject and no funny business would pass by him!

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