The Free Speech Coalition Tries To Back Door The Piracy Roundtable

To understand this fully you need to know that The gutless, worthless jackals at the FSC recently accepted a 10,000 dollar donation from Adult Friend Finder (AFF).  AFF is one of the largest monetary supporters of pirate sites on the planet.

So last night a group of content producers in LA got togetherfor a round table on how to deal with the piracy issue, and they made a mistake by inviting Jeffery Douglas to be the Moderator.

Douglas, who is beholden to the FSC, wasted no time in sneaking in a couple of FSC members posing as content producers (they weren’t) so that the FSC, who is a whore for anyone with a check, could try to wrangle control of the meeting.

AVN also showed up but they got turned away this meeting was only for content producers and distributors.

The good news is that the Free Speech Cabal was summarily rejected and essentially told to sit in the back of the truck and shut the fuck up, while the roundtable did it’s business.

Kudos to them for that.  I also want to acknowledge someone who has drawn criticism here in the past, that being Attorney Greg Picconelli, who stepped up and offered the group PRO BONO legal services with no limits. Now that’s stepping up to the plate and I applaud him for it.

The group further organized and identified a plan of attack that I will not outline here.  Suffice it to say I hope they are successful.

Next time…Y’all have Greg moderate and kick that sorry fuck Douglas and his whore the FSC out on their asses.  All the FSC wanted to do was gain control, pretend they are doing something (like they always do) and keep cashing checks from people profiting from stealing our hard work.

2560cookie-checkThe Free Speech Coalition Tries To Back Door The Piracy Roundtable

The Free Speech Coalition Tries To Back Door The Piracy Roundtable

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