Sophia Rossi, Tangled In Hangmans Noose In Tampa:

Sophia Rossi, Tangled In Hangmans Noose In Tampa:

Steve Huff had a simple idea in his hometown of Tampa, He was going to throw an erotic ball on Friday March 13th, to benefit the Autism Society of Florida. He had hired some porn stars to come down to Tampa and help make the event a success.

Among them, Sophia Rossi was the headliner as were Alexis Amore, Vivian West, Stephanie Swift and others. It started when Sophia wasn’t happy with her accommodations at the Homestead Suites an extended stay property nearby. From what i gather Rossi read Steve the riot act and she and Alexis moved to the nearby Sheraton, apparently they then decided to give Huff an ultimatum asking to be paid in advance or they would go home. Steve didn’t and they did.

Vivian and Stephanie decided they were there to do a job and stuck it out. When Friday rolled around the show simply put, bombed, selling fewer than 100 tickets. Apparently the combination of talent problems, failure of the show and a bounced check from a show sponsor pushed Steve Huff off the deep end.

When Stephanie and Vivian returned to their hotel on Saturday morning, after spending the night with friends after the show Friday night, they found Steve hanging from the hotel balcony, a suicide. They called 911 who brought him back but on Monday the plug was pulled on his life support, he was never going to recover.

I knew Steve from the many Tampa Shows I have attended and knew him to be a kind and gentle sort of guy, not the type who could deal with pornchick drama and apparently not the most stable fellow either.

Outside Tampa, Steve wasn’t known in the biz but he was one of us, he will be missed.

In Other News Regarding Club Jenna:

Its my understanding that in an unrelated matter Sophia has been released, indeed all of their girls have except Roxy and Brea .

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Sophia Rossi, Tangled In Hangmans Noose In Tampa:

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