Sometimes It’s hard To keep Writing This Site:

Sometimes It’s hard To keep Writing This Site:

Unlike Adell and Goddess I can’t write about nothing, I have to have some feelings about it one way or the other.

Apparently like many of you and many of the porn consuming public, I am losing interest in it all as well.

I was talking to a friend this weekend who is a store owner and his theory is actually pretty interesting and its based on his customers reactions.

he says that porn sucks these days and it has alienated most of its core audience because it has become more about the guys in the video than about the girls.

Apparently the porn viewing public isn’t really into gay male performers in straight porn…and that’s most of the male performers these days, he thinks the guys watching can tell. Combine that with the way it’s shot and its all very boring.

I think he has a point too. Girls are never presented in a positive light these days, the makeup isnt kept fresh, the don’t appear feminine or act femine even. Maybe Im gettin too old for this biz…..

Or maybe thats why DVD sales and rentals are down a solid 35%

Vivid Sez Kim Kardashian Withdrew Her Lawsuit and They Settled For 5M:

First, if you believe there was a lawsuit that wasn’t just a scam to help sell the tapes…yer an idiot. Second if Steve Hirsch paid 5M for that turd….well I gotta bridge I wanna sell him.

95700cookie-checkSometimes It’s hard To keep Writing This Site:

Sometimes It’s hard To keep Writing This Site:

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