Some Fun Facts


Zachary Taylor’s presidential nomination came by mail and it was refused because postage was due.

The Sahara Desert is larger than the next 20 largest deserts combined.

Marijuana is illegal in Jamaica

Oysters can change gender at will.

The Hubble Space telescope is powerful enough to see a lit match, on Pluto.

The original Paramount Logo had 24 stars, one for each actor/actress it had under contract.

The 5000 year old mummy Otsi “The Iceman” had tattoos on his ankles, leg and spine.

The movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail was mostly financed by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

In 2012 2.4 billion internet users searched google 1.2 trillion times.

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Some Fun Facts

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  1. “The Hubble Space telescope is powerful enough to see a lit match, on Pluto.”

    I have to ask the obvious here… who lit the match?

  2. Wasn’t Zachary Taylor elected after Martin VanBuren formed a third party? IIRC Taylor won when the party MVB formed pulled more democrat than Whig votes heaping more insult on MVB who lost re-election to the Whigs.

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