Pretty Good News I Think:

Pretty Good News I Think:

Last week was a little shakey but I started feeling better and in that I noticed that my nerve pains were apparently gone so I backed off the Neurontin and I am now happy to say I am drug free for over 48 hrs I am hoping thats a good sign. Im not as mobile but I feel better and I think overall Im gonna feel better than ever in a few days.

LOL John T Bone Is Furious With Me And Moron Don Continues To Snipe:

As for T Bone…Im proud he doesn’t like me as for moron “Houston” Don…who cares outside of a few forums nobody has heard of him or cares one way or the other…just another fanboy with no discernible life. And if he thinks I am going to answer to him…well he is dumber than I thought and even at that I had him somewhere between a bivalve and a slug….

Sherry, Jay, Linda and Frank Write:

Hi Mike,

How is your day shaping up? It’s good to have you back in action and whomever sent that ‘John Mark Karr’ letter had me rolling with laughter. I scared Jay. lol .

Director Frank Castle and leading lady Linda Roberts, and all of us that worked on the production end of ‘The New Neighbors’ send our thanks to the customers at AEBN (and you, Tony) for putting this movie in the top 6 downloads through AEBN for this year.

There were so many great actors and actresses involved in this movie; Nicki Hunter, Randy Spears, Mike Horner, Haley Paige, Tyla Wynn, Tommy Gunn, Jack Lawrence and Barbara Summer. Each and every one of them turned out great scenes that looked terrific in the final edit. Also, Frank’s good friend, E.Z., who made the role of Severin such a comic delight. He had all of us rolling on the floor with some of his lines.

Thank you to you, for promoting this movie on your site, and to everyone that downloaded “the little movie that could”, and we are all grateful that the people that REALLY love porn saw the merit in this movie. It really feels good to know that other people saw what Frank and the rest of us saw when it was made.

I was just giving credit where it was due…you guys earend those props I didn’t give em to ya 😉

95620cookie-checkPretty Good News I Think:

Pretty Good News I Think:

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