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On this day in 1933 the Volstead Act was repealed and prohibition was declared a failure.  Making alcohol illegal had done little more than make the sale and manufacture lucrative to organized crime increasing  violent crime and corruption within local state and even federal government

79 years later we still haven’t learned a damn thing from that.

The “War on drugs” has cost more money, more lives and more freedom than every war before it  and since COMBINED.

The government brings in too much money from it to even think about ending it.  Its up to us, the people to force government to end this stupidity and are we ready to do it?  Hell no, matter of fact we are perfectly willing to let the government take more of our freedoms to keep us safe from this government created “dragon”


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On This Day In History

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  1. To me the war on drugs should be broken down into the war on hard drugs that destroy society like Heroin, crack, cocaine, PCP, etc… and decriminalize and regulate the sale of Marijuana. Pot should not be lumped in with those hard drugs.

    Pot should be treated the same way we treat alcohol sales. Regulate and tax it and if anyone uses pot and drives their car they go to jail just like the folks that drink and drive.

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