Mister Marcus Says Talent Testing Had Nothing To Do With It “It Was All Me”


Now what I want to know, plain ans simple is where he got that story, did he make it up or did Diane Duke or Fabian or anyone else feed it to him to regurgitate.

Tell us Marcus…The truth will set you free



65390cookie-checkMister Marcus Says Talent Testing Had Nothing To Do With It “It Was All Me”

Mister Marcus Says Talent Testing Had Nothing To Do With It “It Was All Me”

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  1. end of the day? it WAS *all him* – one could argue that the producers/directors/coworkers were partially responsible too, but the testing facility? no more responsible than his private MD. we don’t know the full deal of how the testing facility operates, but it’s clearly tied in layers of red tape (like HIPPA) making it hard to place blame on the facility that does the testing. i would love to know whether this would have happened if AIM hadn’t been shut down? Mr Marcus knowingly performed while infected (based on the image of his dick i’ve been hearing about all day) and knowingly altered a test. he may not have MEANT to do anything wrong – STIs aren’t always easy to understand and maybe he was just misinformed and truly believed he wasn’t able to infect people… but in that case, it’s STILL *all him* – at the end of the day, his not wanting to be /that guy/ turned him into THAT guy. i feel for him, i doubt he’s the only person who has ever done this, and he is certainly taking the heat from people with anger over a whole lot more than just this ultimately treatable but terribly unflattering incident, but in the end, he’s taking that heat because HE did this. HE tampered with his test results. this is where lying gets us, folks. let that be a lesson to all of us…

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  4. i have one simple question: why is mr. marcus being treated any differently than darren james or marc wallice? oh, because the latter was related to the big “AIDS”? what a horrible way to show how such a word holds such a stigma.

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