Quoted On TheDailyBeast

Wow that was quick, yesterday I got a call from a reporter for theDailybeast.com about a story on a guy busted for running a local escort/hobbyist board and today the story is up.

For the record I was quoted very accurately.  I believe in the outright legalization of prostitution.  It isn’t prostitution that endangers women, it’s the il-legalization of it it forces them into the hands of gangs, pimps and organized crime and most people in law enforcement know it.

But prostitution is big business for most cities bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in fines, so the police who would be better utilized working on real crimes need to spend time on these types of crimes along with click it or ticket and other such nonsense to generate revenue to feed their big government masters.

The motto To Protect and Serve has new meaning, it means protect their government masters and serve them

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Quoted On TheDailyBeast

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