Lindsey Lovehands Interviews here

Sometime back Lindsey and I were goofing off before shooting a boy/girl scene and she wanted to interview me. I had forgotten about it till I stumbled on it this morning and decided its too cute not to post. She is just TOO cute.

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38210cookie-checkLindsey Lovehands Interviews here

Lindsey Lovehands Interviews here

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  1. Julie, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person on numerous occasions, and trust me, she’s truly a top-shelf lady with a heart of gold. In my book, she ranks right up there with you, and Lady H, of course.

  2. Thanks all…as Mike knows I have been dealing with a bout of illness the last week and a half or so but will be back at it hopefully by Monday or Tuesday…and Julie thank you so much…that means a lot coming from you…and Hunter and Lady H…oh boy…you know I’ll be seeing you soon…Mike says he wants me to come back to shoot and I have some stuff still in storage…btw you guys should also plan a trip down here…I went fishing for the first time in saltwater last weekend (before I got sick) and I was the ONLY one of six people to catch anything, I caught two fairly large (3 lb) sheepshead and a 2 1/2 foot black tip shark, from the surf, up to my tits at many points…took them home, skinned, gutted and cleaned. They’ll be good eating…miss you all…especially Mike!

  3. Hunter, that’s so sweet! Lindsey, it’s my pleasure. I hope I get to meet everyone in person. Give my best to Lady H! The Videomaker magazine is very helpful. Love it! 🙂

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