I Nominate Dr. Riggs For The PASS Medical Advisory Board

Much has been said about the PASS Medical Advisory board, except what they actually do, and who they are. I have heard a few doctors names in the past, but I have never heard who any of the performers are on this advisory board. I’ve never heard when they meet, what they discuss, or how they educate performers.

But their is a doctor who has been associated with the adult industry for a very long time that nobody ever seems to want to talk about, and that is Dr. Riggs of West Oaks Urgent Care. I have only spoken to Dr. Riggs twice, and one time was before I had any involvement with the adult industry. I have no problems with Dr. Riggs, he provides a much needed service, and has been providing that service for over a decade, so he must be doing something right.

As a doctor that has been involved with the industry for years, I am sure he is well aware of the health needs of this specific population beyond just testing for stds. That is USUALLY what performers go to Dr. Riggs for, things other than std testing, although he does alot std testing of performers also.

Who better to represent the health needs of adult industry performers than the doctor who has been providing these services for over a decade? He could certainly see through the baloney talking points of the FSC, seeing how he has been dealing with the consequences of what happens on porn sets for years. Obviously performers trust him, they keep going back.

Of course it will never happen, but wouldn’t it it be interesting if it did. Come on Dr. Riggs, after all these years of being the behind the scenes guy to go to, its time you step up and become part of the system. Your clilnic has been the number one place where performers go to “get around” the system for years, time for you to become part of it, which you really already are.

PS. For several years my lab also contracted with West Oaks Urgent Care. Amazing how many of the same names I saw over the years, and what they were there for.

The truth about West Oaks Urgent Care is the truth about the adult industry. West Oaks provides great service to their patients, I am in no way insinuating they do anything less. Funny how the industry will disregard HIPPA when it suits them, and at the same time use it as a shield to the truth.

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I Nominate Dr. Riggs For The PASS Medical Advisory Board

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3 Responses

  1. Good Doctor. Its the best your going to get in the Industry to get rid of the Std’s and other sexual transmitted coodies.
    Now Lets say a prayer for Christian Mann…
    Please Star of David..please remove the cancer that is infested Christian Mann’s body and give it to Rob Black and let it go to his
    brain and give him only 6 month’s to live and torture his body and
    soul with more pain that he has ever been through…ala..hee Aja!!
    bachum..aji Ala…Please have his cock turn to the worst anybody has seen , even Mr. Syphllis redness and pimple infested dick…Aja..Bachum Jarum oh powerful star of David..Please remove the
    cancer from Christian Mann’s body and give it to Rob Black….
    in the name of oh powerful star of david, rid this Industry like Christian Mann and oh powerful Porn king John Stagliano has rid this piece of worthless porn shit of the industry please flush this feces down the toilet and out to the fishes in the mighty pacific…and will never return…In the name of the star of David…Shalom…..

  2. Now that Dr. Maio is gone, we have another better choice
    to go to another Doctor. Dr. Riggs helped me with my
    herpes other sexually transmitted diseases when I came into
    exposure with such outside the Industry.

    Dr. Riggs is the best Doctor around the biz today.

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