How The Industry Feels About The FSC


JustDaveXXX sums it up on GFY

Fair warning to you guys at FSC;

I work a lot and deal with talent day in and day out, one thing I do know is that if you charge more than $110 you will fail before you start.

And as far as me being on GFY and complaining, I can do that all day long. Because at the end of the day, I already have a place to get my talent tested and it only costs me $110. Its fast, its reliable and it already works.

Before I go to any type of meeting and waste my time, I want to know what the fees are going to be to get my talent tested. Keep in mind, I don’t need to convince you, you guys need to convince me. I got another option.

Best advice I can give you guys; charge $95, have the tests available the next day and you wont even need a meeting, everyone will just come.


Robbie adds:

Y’all all do realize that there was no “testing” organization until a few years ago right?

During the days when HIV really was almost epidemic there was NO testing. It was only in the last few years when HIV rates are low and declining that it suddenly became important to do testing.

For what it’s worth…Talent Testing does a great job as far as providing a data base of tested performers (until porn wiki leaks hacks the database heh-heh) And performers could easily be tested without a 3rd party like AIM or Talent Testing if it makes everyone feel safer to be tested.

Facts are you have a thousand times more chance of actually dying on the car ride over to the shoot than the infinitesimal chance of catching HIV from male/female sex.

And DWB adds:

The irony is, everyone barebacks off cam in their personal life, then shows up on the set the next morning. So yea, the person you’re fucking on video has a clean test, but what did he/she do last night, and every night since they took the test? Did the male talent who is set to creampie you today take a load up his own ass two days prior from an HIV+ cruising buddy? Maybe.

It’s better than nothing, but I’ve always thought it instills a false sense of security into performers. “If they are AIM tested, they are safe.” When reality is, it’s a crap shoot.

I think Dave said it in another thread, he had always expected to get his stripes. That’s how I see working in porn. Just do what you’re going to do and roll the dice. If you don’t have the stomach for that, maybe you shouldn’t be fucking for a living. Because essentially that is what you’re doing anyway, even with a test. Only difference is, there are 1 or 2 less bullets in the chamber.

These are the truths that the industry is going to have to come to terms with.  The old days are gone, so doing things the way we did them then is just repeating a methodology that failed.

Everyone uses the facade of protecting us from HIV but the real problems lie in things the industry doesn’t even test for and many of them will kill you quicker than HIV these days.  Nobody wants to be responsible, from the production side to the talent nobody really gives a fuck if they infect someone else with an STD.  The FSC can’t cure that by continuing the methodology of failed AIM and charging people more AND an monthly fee.


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How The Industry Feels About The FSC

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