Helmy Answers, Though Not Directly

Helmy Answers, Though Not Directly:

All day today i got emails from supportive people…I appreciate it, many of you indicated that you were pulling ads from XBiz others gave me info I could use and in general my email was 99% supportive.

Apparently this all took it’s toll on Alec Helmy today and he announced officially that he personally is against passage of .XXX and that he has NO financial interest in .XXX

Other of my sources disagree strongly on both counts, buit for now I will give Alec the benefit of the doubt, I dont think he is dumb and therefor I don’t think he would make these statements and risk the consequences were it found out that he is lying.

If you followed the drama today you know it got VERY heated more on that later…maybe…It’s up to you and Alec on that one Brett.

I Also Got Some Clarification from AVN:

AVN let me know that the real reason that trophies were mailed instead of handed out at the awards was because for the first time this year the trophies were engraved with the winners names. Because AVN didn’t want the winners known in advance they chose to wait until after the awards to have them engraved and that techniccallly this cost a lot more than handing them out the night of.. I thank AVN for that clarification.

Which Brings Me To This:

I praised XBiz here sometime back, but AVN has proven to be the classier of the two publications as well as the more concerned for the industry. If anyone at AVN had made the threats to me that people representing XBiz had I know Paul Fishbein well enough to know that would not be tolerated.

Indeed when faced with a difficult situation Paul did the right thing and fixed the problem, same as he has always done.

Sometimes I am critical of AVN but one thing for certain, Paul Fishbein is a class act, a stand up guy and someone whose integrity is unquestionable.

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Helmy Answers, Though Not Directly

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