Drive Thru Reflections

Well I’m sitting in the drive thru at McDonald’s and yes, I’m blogging. I’m blogging because I have a membership with AT&T wifi and their hotspots are mostly found in McDonald’s, Starbucks, and airports across the country. Guess what kind of places I frequent most. I’m also blogging because there are ten cars in front of me and I would rather park and go in but the dining room is closed so I’m left without a choice. I can’t imagine how ten cars came to be in the drive thru considering the giant McDonald’s sign is burnt out and I drove by it three times before I found it, but they’re there. And four more are behind me.I’m not here for me though. I’m here because my web designer needs roller skates because I sold them in my online auction and they need to be shipped out with the signed disk and personalized picture so I’m making a special delivery. But the web guy is sick and he needs McDonald’s, specifically a number one with a large fry and diet coke. Yesterday he wasn’t sure whether you feed a cold and starve a flu or it was the other way around but he decided to feed the cold. My second special delivery for the day. So here I am with my laptop out on the center console speaking to a large anonymous porn world while a hurried and uninterested man asks how many diet cokes I want and charges me $2.00 more than what I charged six years ago with the same headset and toneless voice. Not much has changed. They exchanged the McRib sandwich (hot dog meat in bbg sauce) for some healthier options and added an extra color to employee uniforms but that is probably franchise specific anyway so the only true difference between now and then is a two dollar inflation and some apple slices. I don’t miss it but it’s comforting.

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Drive Thru Reflections

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