Britni is Looking for a Few Good Men:

I am seeking men, in the Denver area that would like to perform in very simple, BJ video scenes with me and a few other girls. They can be faceless if you need discretion. You can wear a mask or we can shoot the scene totally from the belly button, down.

Now, the men I need for these scenes have some specific prerequisites:

1. They have to be 8 inches long, or longer.
2. They have to have large balls
3. They have to be able to shoot a large load.

So, if you are in the Denver area and would like to receive some hot, oral fun and you meet the above requirements, contact me immediately.

For further information, join my free yahoo group at

The yahoo group will tell you what you need to submit and how to go about applying.

Sexually yours,


Well Britni if ya ever get to Atlanta I get the Southern Bukkake Crew together for ya! Or ya might try an announcement over the P.A. system at Walmart.

What’s Happening Here:

I have searched high and low for some good porn news and I am coming up empty, closest thing is the UAB Coach in Alabama who got fired from his job as head coach for sticking his dick in a stripper from Pensacola and refusing to pay her the agreed on price…(So she ratted him out)

8460cookie-checkBritni is Looking for a Few Good Men:

Britni is Looking for a Few Good Men:

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