Bill Margold to Dirty Bob: The West Coast is Going to Take Back the XRCO

Bill Margold to Dirty Bob: The West Coast is Going to Take Back the XRCO


Dirty Bob, the current Chairman of the XRCO, raised a few eyebrows this past week by admitting that he had accepted sponsorship of the XRCO Awards from the highly controversial .XXX Domains not realizing until it was too late who they were.

[The XRCO is funded and supported strictly by sponsors, so one half of the argument says Dirty Bob was correct in accepting .XXX Domains money. The other half that decries .XXX domains as a money-generating scam, not working in the best interests of the adult industry, would be less forgiving.]

That controversy notwithstanding, Bill Margold is now telling Dirty Bob flat out that the west coast is going to take back the XRCO. Dirty Bob lives in Ohio, and it’s been argued that he’s totally out of touch with the workings of the adult industry.

“I told Dirty Bob the XRCO is coming back to where it belongs on the west coast,” states Margold.

“While we won’t eliminate him from it, we’ll just put him in a minor role. Dirty Bob has now overextended his stay. Dirty Bob is not the XRCO. He just happens to be a man who was given the XRCO and now it’s time to take it back. But how do you not know what’s going on?”

Margold then answers his own question: “Dirty Bob’s a whore. He’ll sell out to anybody.”

According to Margold, the XRCO was never meant to be some kind of clandestine organization “with secret handshakes and members licking each other’s assholes.”

Margold says this having been told once by Dirty Bob that “I’m about the last person in this business that still likes you. ‘I said oh please hate me. I prefer those who do.’”

Talk to Margold today, and he voices regret that he and the late Jim Holliday began taking a less active involvement in the organization.

“In 2004 when Holliday was really sick and unhappy he said I don’t want it any more. I didn’t know what to do. The XRCO meant well when it began. It was about truth and honor.”

Margold is also highly critical of this year’s XRCO Hall of Fame. And at Thursday night’s John Stagliano-Belladonna induction into the Hustler Walk of Fame, he was openly questioning the selection of director Miles Long to the XRCO.

“I have no idea who Miles Long is,” repeats Margold.

“To this day, I still don’t know. I’ve looked at his picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that man. This is not one of the stronger classes of inductees I’ve ever seen, but if that’s what they want, that’s what they get.”

Margold honestly would rather have seen the induction of John Keeler aka Jane Waters who died this past year.

“He’s an award-winning cinematographer and director; and he’s not in.”

Then, again, Margold was less than bowled over by Belladonna’s Thursday night induction believing that such industry luminaries as Amber Lynn and Georgina Spelvin should have been accorded that honor by now and haven’t been.

“Belladonna is indicative of the modern era but she needs to wait another ten years to get the walk of fame,” Margold believes.

Margold refers to Dirty Bob’s explanation about the .XXX domains sponsorship as “an unnecessary blathering mea culpa” about XRCO economics.

“I hate to break it to Dirty Bob, but when we had the XRCO shows we didn’t pay much at all.”

Margold remembers collecting $50 annual dues from the members with no problem underwriting the show, except from one member who refused to pay dues and was kicked out of the organization.

Margold says by bringing the West Coast influence back into play, he’d like to see the return of Jared Rutter.

“He’s in the Hall of Fame, justifiably, being one of the founding members of the XRCO. I miss him and his leveled sensibilities.”

Margold remembers another time when Dirty Bob wanted to put Viper into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

“I told him she was dead. He said I guess that’s not going to happen. In fact I begged him to not put her in the program as passing away. Of course what does he do? He puts her right in the program.”

59580cookie-checkBill Margold to Dirty Bob: The West Coast is Going to Take Back the XRCO

Bill Margold to Dirty Bob: The West Coast is Going to Take Back the XRCO

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  1. Hey Bob who offer up that support??? Bob you speak for Wicked video which Mike state that think of pull out your awards show over fact excpect money from .xxx. Bob issues remains same still want keep use .XXX. money that still make you tool for them.

  2. I just don’t buy Bill’s teddy bear PAW B.S. God, what some people will do for a few measly bucks.

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