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Pornlife asks:  You’re president for a day. First 3 actions are?

This one presumes that the President has some sort of absolute authority I presume but I’m going to keep it within the confines of what is possible even if it is remote.

I think the single biggest thing that could be done for the welfare and future of this country is to abolish lobbyists. It seems everyone has a lobby except we the people. Congress has the resources to understand all sides of an issue without influence peddling. So my first request to congress /executive order would be to end this practice.

second I would immediately work to dismantle the current tax code. It is an abomination. I generally like the idea of the Fair Tax or something very similar, but only if the 16th amendment is repealed, never to rear it’s ugly head again.

and third government spending has got to be brought under control. This is a broad stroke here but it is one that is much needed. Many governmental agencies and entitlement programs would be abolished, and to keep this from happening again it would become necessary to make it impossible to attach amendments to current legislation when those amendments have nothing to do with the legislation being considered.

and finally I would push for legislation requiring all tax increases at the federal level to have to have a 2/3rds majority to pass.

I readily admit that this is a bit of an over simplification in terms of what a president can actually do, but I would approach this with the same voracity that President Obama has approached health care reform.

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Ask me Returns 2

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  1. And, of course, your next move would be to put me in complete control of all foreign diplomacy, right? Oh, and with an unlimited budget.

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