Amy Fisher Comes of Age

This is one of the better Celebrity Sex Tapes although Im not so sure Amy would qualify as a celebrity, but then again neither did Toasty Toof and Amy is way closer to celebrity than Toasty.

At any rate, no mamby pamby bullshit on this like on the Kim Kardashian fiasco, this delivers exactly what it promises


If you ever wanted to see Amy fuck….this is the real deal.

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Amy Fisher Comes of Age

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  1. Wow, you’re right. Amy is looking great, especially since this was probably shot after she had her first baby. She definitely got a boob job (would have liked to have seen them before the babies and the boob job) and she’s in great shape. Her face even looks like it might have had some work done, although that could be my imagination, too.

    Mike, correct me if I’m wrong here, but my guess is that this is not your typical “leaked” intimate video. Judging from the clip and the photo (relatively good lighting and quality), this is not your typical “unauthorized” video. In fact, I’m guessing that it’s an effort to make money and re-energizing her celebrity status (ala Paris Hilton). I know that Amy’s lawyers have filed a court case against Red Light, but it’s odd that it doesn’t seek to bar the distribution of the video. Nor does it appear she is suing her ex-husband, Louis Bellea, for selling the tape. It seems a little planned and I think that is all part of the plan to give the video some legitimacy as being “unauthorized” and truly “taboo” to boost sales.

    Mike, you might not be able to comment on this, since I’m not sure if RLD is one of your advertisers.

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