A Trip Back In Time:

A Trip Back In Time:

Years ago when I was in high school we used to go to the drive in every weekend. in 1978 the last drive in anywhere in the Atlanta area closed, If I recall correctly the last movie I saw at the Drive In was Smokey and the Bandit in 1977.

The first was The Good The Bad and The Ugly in 1966 ( I was 9 ).

Well I came up here to Dayton to see Tim and Fifi and they have a drive in here called “The Dixie” We gathered a bunch of folks, mostly peelers, bouncers and bartenders from Flamingo Showclub. I asked my favorite peeler there (Meagan) to be my date and she accepted and we all went to see Spiderman 3 at the drive in, the second feature being Ghostrider.

As for Spiderman 3…It’s a waste of celluloid. Just another mamby pamby left coast holywood feel good politically correct bullshit movie….Take a superhero and emasculate him chick flick….In other words…HATED IT!

Ghost Rider was a good drive in movie though, despite the fact that if Nicolas Cage acting range were gasoline…there wouldnt be enough to power a pissant’s motorcycle half way around a B B.

But the cool part was just going to a drive in again after 30 years.

Surprisingly it hasnt changed much with the exception that the big metal speaker that hung on the window is gone…the sound now plays through your FM radio.

Im told the rows up front still have the metal speakers for customers with no FM radio.

We backed up the truck onto the little ramp and about 10 cars of us all parked together and sat on the tailgate of the truck or in lawn chairs and we ate drank and watched the movie. Then for the second feature it was getting cold so Meagan and I turned the truck around and got inside and …..(ahem)… watched the movie. Too fun.

Its kind of sad to see drive ins disappear as they have where I live. Theres nothing more American at heart than going to the drive in, it coupled perfectly with our love for cars.

I hope to go again this sunday.

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A Trip Back In Time:

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