A Tale of 2 Spider Jones

Will the pretend Spider Jones Please Shut the Fuck Up!

The guy on the right is Spider Jones, The over-inked mommies boy on the left is Evan Seinfeld, better known to most as Mr Tera Patrick who now thinks its “cool” to call himself….You guessed it Spider Jones.

Heres a short Bio of Spider Jones (on the right):

“Spider is also a highly popular motivational speaker who is much admired for his diligent work among the youth. His inspirational life story “YES I CAN” reveals his amazing rise from the impoverished, gang infested, inner-city projects of Detroit and Windsor and how, as a grade five dropout, he eventually returned to school at the age of thirty to become an honour student. Spider’s favourite thing is talking to his Nighthawks, whether it be about sports, entertainment, or hot issues.

Over the past 20 years, Spider has interviewed such notables as Muhammad Ali, Doug Gilmour, Cito Gaston, Chubby Checker, Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones, Kris Kristofferson, James Brown, Bobby Hull, Guy Lafleur, Carlos Delgado, Jim Brown and countless others. Among his other claims to fame was to act as a sparring partner for such boxing legends as George Chuvalo, former World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Ellis, and former Middleweight Champion Nino Denvenuti. Spider was also a member of Muhammad Ali’s training camp back in the days when ‘The Greatest’ fought Chuvalo.”

The Spider Jones on the left, aka Evan Patrick is best known for a bit part in the TV show OZ, probably as someones prison bitch. He also played in a band that went nowhere.

I only hope that someday little Spider Evan meets Big Spider Spider and learns a thing or two about stealing an identity.

Of course the real beauty is that now everyone knows the truth feel free to tell the pretender he is not Spider Jones, Spider Jones is a real man, not pussy with no original ideas.


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A Tale of 2 Spider Jones

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