A Celebrity Video Offer I’d Like To See

Vivid has curtailed the “million dollar” offers to do porn lately but some porners have apparently gone to school on Steve Hirsch’s success. The latest offer I saw was from Brad Burns, the vice-president of YouPorn.com offering one million to the former first lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler.

It got me to thinking…Now here’s the response I would dearly love to see from Ms Trierweiler. She should go on the record and say sure I will do it, but I am calling the shots and here’s how it’s gonna work.

I am going to pick the performer of my choice and she is going to wear a big ass strap on and bend you over and ass fuck you good Brad Burns. That’s right you want me to put my ass out there…whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Ball is now in your court hot rod….

I bet that would put a stop to this nonsense..

Just Sayin…

92450cookie-checkA Celebrity Video Offer I’d Like To See

A Celebrity Video Offer I’d Like To See

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12 Responses

  1. What I want to see is Ms. Trielweiler making a part of the deal that the owners of Manfuck get fucked up the ass by Maitresse Madeline and her extra large strap-on and the footage is posted to all of Manfuck’s tube sites for all to see for free. I suspect that Brad Burns is just a flunky taking orders from the owners of Manfuck.

  2. Why are you mad at silly marketing and publicity stunts? Who do these silly million dollar non-offers hurt?

  3. Also, why in the world would that put a stop to it? That would be much better for the porn company than silence. A fun and funny response to the offer from a public figure is great free publicity. I think you have described the exact scenario these companies would love. Free pub and don’t pay a million.

  4. @Mike

    Pushing buttons again?

    Gotta love porn…forget mainstream targeting…the real darts hit bullseye from within the industry 🙂

  5. I still don’t understand exactly why anyone would offer Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox a sex tape offer?

    Yes, I realize the answer is money. But, really…. ?

  6. I think the offer is more about publicity than actually thinking they will accept. In other words not a serious offer. If all you have to do is type up a press release saying you are offering _______ a sex tape contract and you get publicity, that’s fairly standard business thinking. No cost for publicity is would widely be thought of as great marketing. It’s silly yes, but for no cost, it is well worth it for them.

  7. Absolutely. Good point!

    I think my apprehension comes into play knowing that if, say, Casey Anthony said “yes” they would absolutely shoot it… I’m not sure what I would think of that one yet??

  8. Lacey, if I recall Casey said yes to Steve Hirsch’s “offer” and he rescinded it because “fans” were objecting to him using a baby killer as talent. Yes, I believe Casey Anthony was guilty as hell and that her attorney paid the jury off to get the murder charges quashed. I don’t know what to say about Amanda Knox.

  9. IMO Casey Anthony got away with baby murder and needs to be drawn and quartered in the town square. I was hoping someone would torture and kill her after she got off on the murder charge. Damn idiot Pinellas County jurors either took a payoff from Jose Baez (Casey’s attorney) or are as dumb as a box of hammers.

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