Zoey Zane Missing, El Dorado. KS Police Chief Tom Boren is a lowlife.

I have had this story for a while but didn’t run it because the girls disappearance was a big story and nobody was mentioning that she had an adult site. Out of respect to her family and friends who may or may not have known I decided it was irrelevant.

Well today the story broke on the newswires  and the local police fell all overthemselves trying to imply theres a tie-in with her adult work and her disappearance.

Not the case I’m told.  She was last seen leaving a bar with a hispanic male and his girlfriend, when police showed up at the man’s hotel room it was in disarray and there were signs of a violent struggle, including blood.

She hasn’t been found or heard from and theres a nationwide manhunt for the perpetrator, one Israel Mireles, 24 years old. Last seen Near Wichita, KS

This is a sad story and it serious and for local asshat politicians to say things like this:

El Dorado Police Chief Tom Boren said FBI and state experts on Internet crime have been called in.

“Investigators are aware that Miss Sander was apparently involved in a Web site situation,” he said. “Allegations that this may factor into her disappearance are being thoroughly investigated.”

is inflammatory and flat out irresponsible, they know that Isreal Mirelis nor his 16 year old girlfriend have any connection to the adult community.

As far as calling Zoey Zane a “pornstar” that’s quite a stretch, she simply had her own website in the works and on hearing the news of her disappearance her webmaster took everything down in hopes that nobody would make the connection making a bad situation worse for her family.

So the way I see it here the adult webmaster did the right thing and the El Dorado Police Chief if nothing but piece of shit lowlife who is using this to paint it as though she somehoe got what she deserved.

Fuck him and anyone else who has that attitude.

15350cookie-checkZoey Zane Missing, El Dorado. KS Police Chief Tom Boren is a lowlife.

Zoey Zane Missing, El Dorado. KS Police Chief Tom Boren is a lowlife.

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