Its Been A Year..Some Thoughts From The Original Mouth of the South

Its been a bit over a year since I retired and I have to say I don’t miss it at all.  This biz has turned into a bigger cesspool than Washington DC….speaking of The whole Stormy Daniels thing is really a reach, for starters its old news and it didn’t get any traction the first time…Stormy says it didn’t happen and that’s good enough for me but really….who cares if it did…It was 2006  It isn’t like it was on a par with getting a blowjob in the oval office….they were al consenting adults….What I do find interesting is that Jessica Drake couldn’t stand the idea that she wasn’t getting attention so she jumped on the Donald Trump offered me money for sex bandwagon…and ended up torpedoing everyone else on that bandwagon….ahhh yes attention whoring at its finest  Jessica seems to be the poster girl for attention whoring.

But I digress…Lots of positive changes in my life that I am very happy with, I am spending time with people I love, I am doing volunteer work, and I am fishing and goofing off at the beach.  I should have bailed when I first mentioned it several years ago.  All in all I still spend some time in porn but now it is helping girls get into the biz without having anything to do with Porn Valley or people associated with Porn Valley, They are happy that they are making money day in and day out on stuff they shot a year ago, several have actually gone into it full time….Thats the way to go and it makes me feel good.

I miss the readers here and the exchanges we had for sure but hey all good things come to an end eventually and my time in porn was past due to cash in and get out.  I do want to thank everyone who has wished me well and who stay in touch via email and what not….Bless you all….Love you long time…South

203070cookie-checkIts Been A Year..Some Thoughts From The Original Mouth of the South

Its Been A Year..Some Thoughts From The Original Mouth of the South

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  1. You a cool guy Mike. Glad ur around sometimes still and didn’t leave us all together.

  2. Glad retirement is going well for you, Mike. We miss you but things seem to have worked out well for you after you retired. I know I fought the idea of retirement but in my case it is one of the best things I ever did. This site’s buyers seem to be decent people, your historical posts are still accessible and you were able to pay off your house with the money from selling this site. Things could have been one hell of a lot worse. You also have ManyVids (and another video sales site which only has a few of your videos available and looks like a work in progress — I can’t remember the name of the site) available to you for continued monetization of your past work. When you turn 62 you can collect Social Security to add to your retirement income. All in all, I think you did the right thing for you.

  3. Mike, thanks for the check-in! Please give us a health update if you can.

    Thank you for helping women safely navigate this industry. I hope the entire LA scene annexes itself so all that bull shit can be contained in one area.

    People are realizing there is no need for agents, contracts or pimps; porn started DIY and is coming full circle.

    If you’re in LA or NV please do not attend industry events. Start your own. Fuck the snakes. You can do this without them!

  4. More performers do their own thing & have a steady income the less power the typical porn companies will have over us.
    Welcome to my cause Mike, each person we advice & help is one more saved from all kinds of horrible predators in this industry.


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